Food-Themed Pre-Wedding Shoots for Foodie Couples

prewedding for foodie couples

So, you’re a foodie couple, and you want your pre-wedding photoshoot to reflect your passion for all things delicious? Well, you’re in for a treat! Here’s how to plan the perfect foodie pre-wedding shoot without any stress. Planning the Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot  Before we go into the details, here’s how to plan the perfect foodie…

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Sweet Treats for Your Boho Wedding

Boho wedding sweet treats

If you’ve chosen a theme for your wedding, you’ll likely have started planning the details to match it. For many, you may want to switch it up to creative treat alternatives, but for others, it’s all about the classic statement cake. This also comes with various options for wedding sweets! If you’re planning a boho…

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Tips on Delivering a Wedding Cake

wedding cake delivery

Transporting a cake is the most horrific part of making a cake, and if you’re a baker or someone who wants to carry your own wedding cake, you’ll need to put them in the back of your car. And indeed, you can’t see or protect the cake while driving. How to Prepare to Transport a…

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How Much Should a Wedding Cake Cost?

wedding cake cost with rose topping

There’s no doubt that a wedding cake will be on your “to order” list once you’re engaged. But are you familiar with the pricing? The average prices for a wedding cake can significantly vary, as they depend on if someone you know is baking for you, if you’re buying from a professional, and how many…

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11 Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Rustic Wedding Style

rustic wedding cake

Whether your special day takes place outdoors, in the mountains, or within a destination wedding in Bali, adding a rustic touch to your wedding cake enhances your celebration vibe. These cakes are suitable even in luxurious venues and warm up any space. Its design draws inspiration from the natural outdoors, adding a welcoming, outdoor feel…

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11 Tasty Wedding Cake Flavors for Your Bali Wedding

Tasty wedding cakes

Are you having a hard time looking for your dream wedding cake? The vast flavors and gorgeous-looking cakes on Pinterest will likely cause you to struggle in making this vital dessert decision. Wedding cake flavor preferences are personal, and a couple may prefer the traditional while others are willing to try out new alluring tastes.…

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