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Sweet Treats for Your Boho Wedding

Boho wedding sweet treats

If you’ve chosen a theme for your wedding, you’ll likely have started planning the details to match it. For many, you may want to switch it up to creative treat alternatives, but for others, it’s all about the classic statement cake. This also comes with various options for wedding sweets! If you’re planning a boho wedding and have chosen to serve plenty of sweets and cakes on your special day, choosing the perfect sweets may be a challenge. However, take some time to consider. 

Boho is everything from organic details, greenery, and earthy feels to plenty of natural elements, dried leaves and florals, and color palettes of earthy tones and jewels. There are also other ways of incorporating these beautiful details into your boho “sweet” collection

What is a Boho Wedding Theme?

Boho or bohemian is a vintage and chic style that combines the 1960 and early 70s trends with a little flair. It includes all the earthy elements, dreamy linens and lace, and wildflowers. Boho wedding themes highlight the free spirits, hippie-inspired vibes, and a combo of an electric mix of colors and textures. They can range from simple and artsy with some boho-inspired touches to entirely festive style.

It’s easy to understand why the bohemian wedding theme is on the rise. Boho weddings can be simple and filled with DIY projects, making them super affordable and letting you show your artistic talent. They also work with any budget, whether you have the money to splurge or are on an extremely tight budget. But most of all, boho wedding themes are popular because no other theme compares. From the various textures, prints, colors, and art pieces for anyone looking for a natural and casual wedding theme. 

Read along to find the perfect sweet treats for your boho wedding theme!

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Sweet Bohemian Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding Day

Simple boho wedding cake

Boho wedding cakes are unique, one of a kind, and look exceptionally stunning! They usually come in rustic and mellow colors with pompous features, dainty motifs and may come with dried or edible flowers! You can even make your version of the perfect boho wedding cake. 

1. Chic Boho Wedding Cakes

If you want a stylish, minimalistic, yet chic wedding cake look, then choose the dainty palettes. Boho wedding cakes are subtle yet uniquely chic when adding the correct elements. For that bohemian vibe, you can add dried feathers, pompous, and other dainty elements to the cake. 

Unfinished cakes, also known as ‘naked’ cakes, are chic and a classic addition to boho wedding cakes. The traditional white cake will look great with earthy tones, golden foils, and flowers. 

2. Simple Boho Wedding Cakes

Add layers of dried grasses and thistles for texture to get that classic bohemian theme, as boho doesn’t always need to be moody! Add one of your favorite natural elements and showcase it on your cake. 

Adding ethical and geometric patterns to your wedding cake can elevate the boho feel. You can add a dainty hie of pinks and dusty hues to accentuate the simple boho wedding cake and add another layer of charm. You can also add a dash of golden foil work or some monotone designs to turn the cake’s simplicity into something phenomenal. 

3. Add Some Color to the Boho Theme

Adding a splash of color to your cake is the perfect accent for a subtle bohemian wedding theme! Boho wedding cakes can be more colorful and flamboyant if you know what to include. For example, a catchy colorful detailing of bright-bloomed feathers is the perfect choice for a boho wedding.

The color options are truly endless for a painted boho wedding cake! They blend into any color palette you have on your special day effortlessly. We love looking at the rustic and colorful vibes mixed with flowers and gold flecks. 

Sweet Boho-Themed Drinks 

Sweet tea boho theme treats

Like the food menu, your boho-themed wedding should also include refreshments that contain naturally-sweet drinks that are preferably alcohol-free. The themed wedding usually focuses on your friends and families getting together, where guests can pour their own drinks and enjoy their time with you on your special day. 

For some ideas, you can add cucumber water mixed with strawberries or a cup of chamomile tea to refresh your guests.  Then top it off with ice cubes with added germs and edible flowers. This will add unique flavor and beauty to your drinks! Another fun idea is to welcome your guests with pre-mixed drinks or beverages with various flavors poured into mason jars with chopped nuts and fruits. Lay the jars on the tables and let guests serve themselves. 

Other Boho-Themed Treats

If you still aren’t sure what to serve at a boho-themed wedding besides the sweets, we’ve got you covered. Here are other food options you can have at your wedding ceremony and reception. 

1. Caesar Salad

Bohemian cuisine consists of filling meals with basic ingredients, and salad fits the theme perfectly. The Caesar salad includes Romaine and Croutons, Lemon Juice, Egg, Black Pepper Cheese, Anchovies, Olive Oil, Vinegar Sauce, and Garlic. This doesn’t only make a delicious salad but is also very healthy. It’s a must-have for your wedding, especially between all the heavy dishes, and your guests who are concerned about their fitness will be delighted.

2. Cupcakes

The Boho theme is more romantic, electric, and whimsical. Unlike traditional wedding cakes, guests don’t need a fork and knife to eat cupcakes. It doesn’t even need plates as the wrapper serves as one. Because the cupcakes are personalized, guests can get the perfect amount with fewer leftovers. This will make a more attractive food option that is easier to handle and more fun to eat. 

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