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Check out our short history and why we’ve decided to get into the Bali wedding business

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Our vision

We aim to bring an all-in-one wedding service for couples looking to get married in Bali and help vendors connect directly with couples.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer couples the paradise wedding they deserve through the Bali wedding services we provide.

bali wedding history

A Slice History & Quick Facts About Bali Wedding

Bali Wedding Prices was founded in 2020 and we’ve started the business with only a simple website with a few blogs with tips for foreigners to get married in Bali.

We’ve slowly improved our business into a properly designed and functional site you see today and offer a collection of services you need for the best Bali wedding experience.

We Believe Deeply in The Institution of Marriage

To us, marriage is a sacred union between couples dedicated to building their future together. We believe that the function of marriage is to ensure the partner's rights and respect each other.

A wedding is the start of the milestone where couples celebrate and start their new ideals together. That's why we believe a wedding should be one of the biggest and most important celebrations of your life. Therefore, we are dedicated to bringing the most memorable destination wedding experience and ensuring you'll have a long-lasting and happy marriage.

institution of marriage

So, What's a Dream Wedding Like to You?

Contact us now and we’ll get you the best wedding vendors to ensure your dream wedding comes true.

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