Planning the Perfect Bali Honeymoon on Any Budget

Plan perfect Bali honeymoon

Choosing a place to spend your honeymoon can be challenging, as it all depends on what you want to do and if you wish to relax or go on an adventure. A perfect Bali honeymoon can be either of these things or anything in between. The island has some fantastic beaches where you can relax…

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6 Things You Should Prepare the Night Before Wedding

things to prepare night before wedding

The night before wedding can be the most nerve-wracking yet exciting day of your life. Above all the excitement and unavoidable nerves that come with getting married, there’s a lot to prepare. You’ll want to immerse in the joy of becoming a married woman the following day! You should feel elated instead of stressed, which…

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Simple and Meaningful Ways to Make a Wedding Proposal

simple meaningful wedding proposal ideas - photo by wirestock

Is it just us or is there a lot of pressure involved in a wedding proposal? With all the flash mobs, hot air balloon rides and other over-the-top things you can do for a next-level proposal, it seems like extravagant is the only way to do it. In truth, most people don’t actually want and…

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Chinese Wedding Invitations Etiquettes You Should Know

chinese wedding invitation ideas - photo by Freepik

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding, an invitation is one of them, and when it comes to Chinese wedding invitations, it can add another level of stress! It might sound great to think about the designs and content of a Chinese-style wedding.  Also, it will be overwhelming if you’re trying to…

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5 Things You Can do to Get Ready for Marriage

get ready for marriage - photo by Trung Nguyen

When you’re going to get married, there are many things to prepare, from the wedding venue, makeup, dress, suits, catering, et cetera and et cetera! However, you need to remember that you shouldn’t forget to be mentally prepared for the days after your wedding: are you ready for marriage? The dating game is challenging, and…

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Traditional Javanese Wedding Procession – A Complete Guide

javanese wedding guideline - photo by Ditta Alfianto

If we have to choose 3 words that describe a traditional Javanese wedding ceremony, they would be – traditional, beautiful and fragrant. A traditional Javanese wedding consists of several processions, and every step works towards creating a new bond between two families.  The Javanese couples and their families prepare the special ceremonies carefully as it…

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Modern vs Traditional Wedding – Which One Suits You

modern wedding vs traditional wedding - photo by Kha Ruxury

Traditional weddings have been the way to get married for centuries. However, this is slowly changing as more and more couples are looking for a modern touch on their special day. In recent decades, weddings have become less expensive and less formal to plan, which is one of the reasons why modern weddings are becoming…

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The 6 Best Places to Propose in Bali

location propose in bali - photo by Daniel Moises Magulado

Top Locations to Propose in Bali Bali is considered to be the dream spot for any romantic events, including proposals, thanks to the island’s endless romantic and natural settings. There are so many places on the island that are blessed with spectacular views and places where couples can easily have these places entirely to themselves. …

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What Can Your Guests Do Before Your Wedding Reception

what guests do before wedding reception

Besides providing your guests with delicious meals, flowing drinks and an excellent playlist for your wedding, you can also add some interactive experiences after the ceremony. This will make your wedding reception a festive event that your guests will never forget. Activities to Entertain Your Guests before the Wedding Reception Like everything else that has…

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