Capture Extraordinary Memories with Gothic Pre Wedding Looks

Gothic pre-wedding looks

The world of wedding photography is constantly evolving, with couples seeking unique ways to capture and immortalize the most important moments leading up to their big day. One unconventional yet captivating trend that has recently gained popularity is the concept of Gothic pre-wedding looks. Departing from the usual, these pre-wedding shoots consist of dark, romantic…

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K-Drama Inspired Natural Makeup for Wedding

k-drama inspired natural makeup for wedding

Due to the growing popularity of all things Korean in pop culture, it can be difficult to remember the exact moment you’ve become a believer. Perhaps you came across the term “double cleansing” and were tempted to try the popular 10-step beauty routine. Or maybe you started by trying out a K-drama, promising yourself you’d…

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Disney Characters Makeup Inspiration for Wedding

Disney makeup for wedding

We dreamed of our own fairytale wedding as kids. And what’s more fairy tales than a Disney wedding? We’ve all got swept away from Disney’s magic from time to time, but have you ever considered incorporating the magic for your bridal makeup? It turns out that Disney princesses (and even villains) are gaining popularity in…

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Getting Tan for Wedding – the Dos and Don’ts

getting tan for wedding

Your wedding day is right around the corner, and you’re looking to get that dewy, sun-kissed glow on your special day. Before rushing into the sun or purchasing self-tanning products, you should know that the only safe tan is the fake tan. So, instead of spending hours under the sun to get that golden glow…

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Tips for Beautiful Monolid Eyes Wedding Makeup

monolid eyes wedding makeup

As the wedding day draws closer, preparation is starting to shape up. You have everything from your skin routine to hair, pedicure, and manicure on your to-do list. One thing left is makeup for your eyes, which often puts brides in a dilemma.  With so many eye makeup styles you can find on social media,…

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10 Best Wedding Makeup Trends of 2024

Wedding makeup trends 2024

Looking to jump on the 2024 wedding makeup trends you should know about? Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, the bride’s mother, or a guest, there are plenty of new makeup trends for all the ladies!  Think about monochromatic accents with ombre pouts and balletcore beauty, which has been looking to be the year’s top…

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