Simple Steps to Choose Your Wedding Hairstyle

choose wedding hairstyles - photo by Bestbe Models

Every bride has different ways of planning their wedding day. Some have everything lined up before the engagement, while others do the planning as they go. But no matter the type of bride you are, one thing that holds true is that wedding hairstyles are constantly changing! If you haven’t got your wedding hairstyle planned…

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2023’s Top Makeup Trends for Every Bride

Wedding Make Up Trends 2023

From the runaways to our favorite recommendations from professional makeup artists, we’ve been anticipating the beauty and makeup trends that will drop in the upcoming year. Will makeup get even bolder? And will bleached brows return to the trend? (yes, they will) Also, will they be suitable for the bride-to-be?  If you’re just as excited…

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5 Stunning Braided Hairstyles All Brides will Love

wedding hairstyles - braided

Whether you have straight, wavy or natural hair, there’s one thing in common – they all look crazy good with a braid (or braids). This classic hairstyle has been trending for the last few years. And hairstylists have responded and offered many new ways to rethink the simple styles so that it’s worthy of weddings.…

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The Divine Meaning of Paes – a Javanese Wedding Make Up

javanese wedding make up

If you’re interested in a ‘Javanese’ style wedding concept, then you need to know the bride’s makeup. And the typical ‘Javanese’ paes wedding hair and makeup are divided into two types: the Jogja ‘paes’ and the Solo ‘paes.’  So, what exactly are those? What is the Javanese Paes? According to the Indonesian dictionary, the term…

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How to Deal with Makeup during the Rainy Season

wedding makeup rainy season - photo by Lookstudio

Getting married in Bali or coming to a wedding in Bali as a guest means you’ll have to deal with either the hot or dry seasons. You’ll need to fight the dryness and sweat during the hot, dry season and during the monsoon. Here are our tips on the makeup you should try out for…

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Choose the Right Asian Wedding Make Up Artist for Your Wedding

asian make up wedding photo by Nhat Hiep

Looking for the most suitable make-up artist for your wedding day can be challenging, especially if your features are more Asian that won’t fit the Western practices for bridal makeup.  Kelly from Soy Makeup & Hair says that, as Asian women, we have unique facial features and characteristics. So makeup techniques for other races may…

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Top Hairstyle Ideas for Grooms and How to Take Care of It

grooms hairstyle ideas

From choosing the right shoes to a tie, grooms usually care most about their style for their weddings. However, style doesn’t only consist of one slide thing, but a combination of multiple appearance details, including their hairstyle. Picking a sophisticated wedding hairstyle for men will set the final piece in creating the perfect look. Your…

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The Grooms’ Beauty Timeline – Do Grooms Get Their Hair Done?

grooms beauty timeline

The list goes on for a beauty timeline for a bride, from mani and pedicure, hair trial, facials, eyebrow waxing and many more. All these details are why a bride needs her own calendar for skin and hair care. However, this doesn’t mean that the grooms shouldn’t look fabulous and have their beauty timeline. Indeed,…

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