Great Places for High Tea Party and Bridal Shower in Bali

bali high tea party

Bali is the perfect place to celebrate any event, which is why new couples worldwide flock to this island every year. Whether it’s for a honeymoon, celebrating a hen’s party, or a wedding in Bali. However, the island is also excellent for celebrating other lovely events, including a bridal shower. 7 Best Locations for A…

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Best Places to Visit for a Bali Bachelorette Party

best places bachelorette party bali

Bali’s natural beauty makes it a popular destination for weddings, honeymoons and any romantic trips for couples worldwide. Because of so many photogenic spots, such as the white sandy beaches and killer sunset locations, it’s not hard to see why. Due to the island’s awesomeness, lovebirds can also visit the island and celebrate their last…

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How to Throw a Perfect Bachelorette Party in Bali

throwing bachelorette party bali

There are many ways to celebrate a couple and their married life during the wedding planning process. However, there’s only one event focusing on the bride’s celebration; the bachelorette party. This event has evolved from low-key dinners or lunches taking place a day before a wedding to a full-out destination weekend complete with swimsuits, private…

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Do You Need to Have a Bachelorette Party Before Your Wedding

do you need bachelorette party

Tradition states that you must have a night out with your bridal party a few weeks before your wedding. There may be lots of drinking in some versions, while others mean a relaxing day in a spa. There’s no wrong or right to throwing a bachelorette party! However, when you’re in the process of planning…

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Plan A Vintage-Retro Style for Memorable Bridal Shower Party

vintage bridal shower

So, you’ve been given the task of hosting a bridal shower. You want to make it special because your best friend is getting engaged. However, you’re still confused about where to start. Don’t worry, as we’ve collected some party ideas to kick-start your planning process so you’ll throw an unforgettable wedding shower. 16 Vintage Style…

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What to Include in Your Bridal Shower Invitation?

bridal shower invitation

There are many things to consider when planning a bridal shower, one of them is making your invitations. Bridal shower invitations have etiquettes that are a little different than regular wedding invitations. For starters, you should give your guests as much notice as possible and send them the invitations a minimum of four to six…

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What Dress to Wear to Your Bridal Shower Party

bridal shower dress

So, you’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what wedding dress you want, but a bridal shower dress is something different that you also need to spend some time looking for as well.  As you’ll be taking a lot of photos during the bridal shower as a bride-to-be, you’ll want to pick a dress…

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13 Extraordinary Bridal Shower Theme Ideas in Bali

Bridal Shower Theme

If you’re looking to throw a bridal shower, you must have considered the themes of a bridal shower. It’s a party that brides will never forget and you want it to be something that she will remember for the rest of her life. However, consider the theme carefully as a mixed guest is likely to…

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