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Great Places for High Tea Party and Bridal Shower in Bali

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Bali is the perfect place to celebrate any event, which is why new couples worldwide flock to this island every year. Whether it’s for a honeymoon, celebrating a hen’s party, or a wedding in Bali. However, the island is also excellent for celebrating other lovely events, including a bridal shower.

7 Best Locations for A High Tea Party in Bali 

We’ve traveled and visited various luxury dining spots across the island and discovered a new trend emerging. This trend includes tasty treats, yummy cupcakes, amazing tea, and coffee, all served in incredible surroundings. That’s right, the high tea ritual has made its way to Bali, and it’s an excellent thing to have for a Bali bridal shower! 

The best thing about high tea is that everyone loves it. Chat with your best girls, as a treat with your family and even children won’t complain about it. 

Here are the best places in Bali to have this emerging new trend

1. A Floating Tea Royalty

Besides the cliché floating breakfast available in Bali’s hotels and resorts, floating high tea is now the new trend! At Puri Gangga Resort, you and your BFFs can get your delicious array of pastries and warm brews while dipping into the resort’s iconic infinity pool.

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During the right season, you won’t find any clouds in the sky, and you are blessed with the most incredible golden hour! The sun’s reflection on the pool will illuminate your surroundings and add another calm and romantic layer. As you feel the cool water, let the hot steam rise from the teacup and feel its warmth on your face while you bask in the special moment. 

2. Sip on Tea while Being Surrounded by Gorgeous Flowers

When Bali’s heat is a little too intense, it’s best to stay in the shade or head to the cooler world of the Orchid Tea Lounge at RIMBA. This place offers one of the most unique experiences in Bali, as afternoon tea brings you to a room of floor-to-ceiling glass walls that overlooks a magnificent view of green rice fields.

The garden views at the lounge are enjoyed best from where you’re seated, without needing to get up and move away from the tasty treats. However, after you see how incredible the surroundings are after you walk in, you might be tempted to wander around after indulging in your high tea party!

3. Enjoy Your Tea Party with Soothing Waterfall Sounds

The Kayon resort, located in Tegallalang, Ubud, is known for its personal touches and applies to its food, restaurant and high tea. You can expect professional and friendly services as you enjoy their perfect and delicious meal.

Visit their CANYON Jetty, where their high tea is served, which sits right next to a waterfall! Enjoy your tea surrounded by green and lush jungles and cliff stones. It’s the definition of peace. Oh, and did we mention their menu also offers high vegan tea?

4. A High Tea Party in the Air

How does sipping your tea or coffee while flying in a hot air balloon sound to you?

That’s exactly what you get in Chedi Club! Besides being Bali’s only hot air balloon ride, overlooking Ubud’s lush green paddy fields, it also offers you the chance to do it with an afternoon tea. No place offers an experience quite like this.

After flying over the rice fields and forests while gazing at Mount Agung’s view in the distance, a beautiful spread awaits you when you land on the ground! Indulge in the plenty of pastries available and you and your girls will leave feeling satisfied both in your belly and mind!

5. A Warm Cup at Bali’s Edge

The Edge is popular for one thing – that’s right, for the location! It nestles on the edge of a cliff. Offering what’s known as the ‘highest’ tea in Bali, you’ll enjoy various delicious traditional pastries while witnessing the magnificent horizon before you!

The Edge brings traditional high tea to new heights (literally) due to how high up you are. You’ll likely feel woozy when looking down, so just relax and enjoy your English Breakfast and praise the cool sea breeze that rushes around you.

After you’ve enjoyed hours of your eating time, take a walk around and check out their overhanging pool. You might also be tempted to check in!

6. Pastries, Color and Hot Tea

Having a high tea at Kanda is a colorful affair – their tablecloths are in bright blue colors, with candied coasters and gorgeous flowers surrounding you. Their high tea is an excellent mix of pastries mixed with traditional tapas of Bali, it’s the perfect combo of delicious cuisines! You’ll never feel down here! 

The thing that makes the high tea here so unique is how Kanda Restaurant presents them. The menus are Instagrammable and the food tastes as good as it looks! They offer three different high tea packages; one features a vintage birdcage and a mini ferris wheel with all the tasty treats.

After you’re done indulging, take a stroll around their premises and find colorful murals, a calm pool, and exquisite wooden architecture wherever you go! High tea customers may also get access to their bird park. That’s right, there’s also a bird park here! And you can enjoy sightseeing the endless species of roaming birds.

7. Cup of Tea Beside a Calm River and Cool Air

Located high up in the jungle, Kupu Kupu Barong is a breathtaking wooden resort that overlooks a flowing river and is surrounded by infinite greens. It offers a place for any celebration, including a high tea party you won’t forget!

With the cool air surrounding you, hot tea and pastries are the only things you need! Oh, and for your loved ones to be there with you, of course. Once you’re done with your tea, you can opt for something a little fresher, like the selection of juices they offer pair nicely with their array of fruit tarts.

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