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Host an Unforgettable Bridal Shower in Bali’s 6 Best Beach Clubs

best beach clubs bridal shower in bali

Top Beach Clubs for Bridal Shower in Bali

Today, a bridal shower has turned into a rite of passage and it’s just as important as the wedding itself. Here in Bali, you can easily plan your luxurious ladies’ hen’s party and book your bridal shower party without extra stress. 

We think a bridal shower sprawled out beside the island’s white sand beach with your toes touching a sparkling infinity pool is the way to go! Whiling away at one of Bali’s best beach clubs is a top priority on anyone’s list. So we’ve picked the very best. All you need to do is reserve a spot, turn up with your girls and lounge on. Oh, and don’t forget your hottest bikini and camera!

1. Tropical Temptation Beach Club (Ungasan)

Want to make a memorable hen’s party by hanging out at the hottest new beach club? Make a reservation at Tropical Temptation Beach Club on the majestic Melasti Beach, where you can find white sands, soaring cliffs and sparkling waves as your backdrop. 

At the center of this paradisal picture is an impressive bamboo structure designed by the locals to preserve Bali’s artisanship. Once stepping inside, you’ll be immersed in the perfect panorama of breezy cabanas, oversized sofas, shaded daybeds and two glittering infinity pools. 

There are even private rooms complete with air conditioning for VIPs, families and events, perfect for hosting a bridal party! Dip in the ocean-edge pools while grazing on artisanal food while hearing island-style beach house music by day. The ambiance elevates a notch once the sun sets, with live international DJs performing every night and special weekly events. 

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2. Sundays Beach Club (Uluwatu)

A neat mixture of white sand and azure blue ocean, Sundays Beach Club is the perfect place for a private bridal shower party as it’s tucked away on the island’s edge. The beach club offers a combo of sun, sand and sea on the itinerary. This Bali staple in Uluwatu is one of the few beach clubs that actually sits on the beach, letting you spend the day with your feet in the sand. 

Take the escalator on the cliffside down to this hidden oasis for a remarkable beach experience, complete with an expert menu and refreshing drinks till the sun sets. Indulge in mouthwatering seaside-inspired bites such as gourmet pizza, charcoal-grilled calamari and fresh-caught fish. 

You and the girls can try out kayaking, snorkeling and stand-up paddle boarding to lose track of time. Also, if you stick around till after sunset, it’s all about beach bonfires, beanbags and gray marshmallows until late. Not a bad way to host a bridal shower and sign off a balmy day in Bali! 

3. White Rock Beach Club (Ungasan)

Are you looking to host a bridal shower on Bali’s southernmost point in search of sunshine, sands and an all-day beach club vibe? Then the White Rock Beach Club won’t disappoint you! This is the definition of paradise with a true beach clubbing style and a luxe touch. Step inside and you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking ocean view, forefront architecture and an electrifying soundtrack from all day long from various DJs. 

Grab a seat on a comfy sofa or sun lounger that lines up with the shoreline and the sparkling infinity pool. Get comfortable with your BFFs while grazing on the Mediterranean-inspired dishes and sip a cool sparkling wine. Relax and wait for the stunning sunset with amazing cocktails by your side. Then, when nightfall comes, it’s all about vibrant light shows that keep the party vibes alive. 

4. Canna Bali (Nusa Dua)

Nusa Dua is home to a stylish beach club with multiple restaurants, a live music venue and many more trickling down the cliff’s edge. Canna Bali is the most recent laid-back venue that nestles on Nusa Dua’s pristine shoreline. 

You and the girls can choose many sun-soaked activities here, such as the Canna Deck & pool on the oceanfront with its chic daybeds and bar. But if you want to escape the heat, there’s a fully air-conditioned indoor room with contemporary interiors and sleek views of the sparkling ocean. 

You can also find the semi-indoor Canna Lodge and the beautiful Canna Sand on the beach with a private teepee around a bonfire, perfect for a picnic during sundown! Keep your eyes peeled as Canna Bali is looking to offer even more venues on its cliffside setting, including a late-night club, a fine dining restaurant and VIP areas. 

5. Cafe del Mar (Canggu) 

This trending beach club has brought Ibizan feels to Bali, and we are truly grateful! You’ll want to show off your best designer bikini here, as Cafe del Mar Bali offers a massive 10,000 square meter, two-level beachfront pool club perched on Canggu’s Berawa Beach. 

This beach club features a 1,000-square-meter infinity pool with ocean views and private luxury cabanas that look more like oceanfront villas, a premium Mediterranean restaurant, swim-up bars and cocktail lounges. There’s also world-class staging for large music events. Armed with a crew of international talent and all the white and blue colored interiors you’d expect from an Ibiza-born brand, Cafe del Mar is on Bali’s list of top-tier beach clubs. 

6. Sundara Beach Club (Jimbaran)

Located on Jimbaran’s golden-sweep sands, this stunning beachside destination completely nails the luxury ocean vibe. If any of your BFFs bring kids, they can offload them at the kid’s club and lounge on one of the double-day beds while getting your bronze next to their infinity pool. Snack through the casual menu and linger for daily 2-for-1 sundowners with Bali’s best cocktails. 

Pull a sofa by night by the fire pit and soak up the relaxing ambiance. The main restaurant is an absolute must-visit with the sizzling high-end BBQ concept if you’re looking for a romantic vibe. Think of the plain smoky flavors that perfectly match the fiery sunsets and deep purple skies.

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