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Wedding During the Rainy Season in Bali?

Wedding on rainy season - Bali Wedding Prices

Most couples dream of their wedding in Bali in an ocean view venue, lush green jungle under the blue sky while sun-kissed by the tropical sun. In reality, it’s not always a sunny day in Bali, and even this tropical paradise has its wet seasons.

The constant rain generally falls between October and March, usually peaked between December and February. Tourists tend to avoid traveling to Bali during these times. In that case, should you cancel your wedding plan in Bali during the rainy season? Absolutely not!

If you’re thinking of a beachfront venue or a cliffside wedding, then obviously, the rainy season is not ideal. However, on some occasions, the daily shower can trigger the island’s hidden beauty and offers unexpected benefits you don’t get during the dry seasons.

Cooler Afternoons

The rain brings a significant change in the temperature, turning the usual blazing Bali sun into a cool breezy afternoon, making your outdoor venues more comfortable. After the rain is over at night or the next day, you’ll notice a change in the atmosphere where everything feels a little ‘fresher’, the forest seems greener, the beaches seem bluer, and the sky seems clearer!

Fewer Crowds

You’ll notice the difference when your wedding takes place in Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta, or anywhere else close to the capital. The rainy season brings a breezier trip as there are lesser tourists and lesser outdoor activities around. Don’t expect an empty road like its 3 a.m, as its still Bali we’re talking about! However, it’s still a noticeable decrease in traffic, which can a huge benefit for your guests. This also means fewer people in popular attractions. After all, it doesn’t rain all day! And the lack of tourists in Bali means fewer people to share the beach on a sunny day.

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Better Photo Locations

During the dry season, Bali may seem a little parched and yellow. In the rainy season, things will look greener than ever. The best places for a monsoon wedding season are beside Bali’s epic rice fields, such as Tegalalang and Jatiluwih. Be sure to also check out the waterfalls when the sun comes out, as Bali is full of them, and during the wet season, they’ll be pouring with life, waiting for your next Instagram photos to be taken.

Even though Bali’s monsoon season falls between October to April, the weather pattern has become unpredictable due to the global climate change in recent years, meaning rain outside of these months is likely to occur. 

Some Suggestions and Wedding Plans on a Rainy Season in Bali

Choose the Right Venue

Pick a wedding venue with a sheltered location as a backup plan. You must make sure they have a backup venue with décor. Most hotels and resorts have indoor wedding venues such as the hotel restaurants and ballrooms as alternative venues.

*Be sure that you check these backup locations with an in-house wedding planner so you’ll have an idea of how the wedding ceremony will be arranged. Another thing to confirm is additional costs when using backup venues.

Setting Up a Tent

If you’ve chosen a private wedding villa to hold your wedding venue, then it’s likely that no indoor venue is available for a backup option. If this is the case, then your plan B is to rent a marquee or tent. The cost of renting a tent will vary depending on the size and the vendor you’ve chosen.

You’d be looking at around USD 500 for a marquee measuring 5 x 5 meters. For a larger, octagonal-shaped marquee measuring 12×12 meters may be estimated at around USD 4000.

Consider an Earlier Schedule

Bali’s rainfall doesn’t usually last the whole day, as short intensive bursts are more likely than tiny showers throughout the day. Re-scheduling your ceremony about thirty minutes to an hour earlier might be a good idea to prevent your wedding from starting too late due to the unexpected weather change. 

During Your Wedding Day

Bali’s rain can be unpredictable, though a hard shower during midnight might leave the next morning to be as bright as ever, and the other way around. In case the weather is not permitting during your wedding day, hear out your wedding planner for the best suggestions.

A professional wedding planner should offer you a couple of alternative options and give you the freedom to stick with the current plan up to the last minute or try out the other available options. The planner will coordinate everything for you and keeping close with the vendors to ensure any re-set up will be required so that your wedding will be ready on time.

Bring Your Wellies

In case heavy rain happens to fall during or right before your wedding day, the path towards the hotel/resort can get quite muddy, and no one wants their fancy shoes to sink in the mud. Instead, trade the posh footwear for fun wellies, and suggest your guests bring them as well. This can get you some fun, quirky photos and leave memorable memories of your wedding for everyone.

Alternative Photoshoots

Check if your photographer has any ideas for some indoor snaps or if a rainy-day picture might work outdoors with some spectacular accessories. Does your venue have a grand reception room ideal for some dress pictures? Or a majestic hall to pose with your partner? Explore the venue with your photographer, and the result might just blow you away!

Being a little picky and detail-oriented on your wedding planning is normal, especially during the wet season. However, on the big day, learn to let everything go and enjoy the day as you’re surrounded by your favorite people to celebrate the beginning of your new chapter in life.

After all, whether its raining or not, Bali is still the destination guarantee to fulfill your every need for a wedding vacation.

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