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Should you Get Married in December?

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So, you’ve just got engaged, congratulations! The next thing on the to-do list is deciding what month to have your wedding in, and December doesn’t usually come first. The last month of the year usually translates to holidays, celebrations, family time and food, and not exactly the time for wedding dates. However, if you love everything December has to offer, you should consider having a wedding in December. 

Perks of Getting Married in December

There are a few perks to getting married during the off-season. This includes more available dates for your venue, reduced rates and fewer thoughts needed about the weather, as your celebration will likely take place indoors. There are also way fewer weddings in December and the winter months, so your event will probably stand out and your guests won’t be experiencing the “wedding fatigue” as they do during the wedding seasons in summer and spring. On top of that, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for decorations, photos and cocktails!

Another perk of a December wedding is if you just got engaged during the holidays, then a wedding in December lets you have 12 full months for wedding planning. This is an ideal timeline and you can start looking for venues ASAP!

9 Reasons Why You Should Get Married in December

Here are our reasons why December is the perfect time to start your happily ever after.

1. Venues are Already in the Celebration Vibes

You’ll find fresh seasonal greeneries, bows, ribbons, and strands of lights in many venues during December dressed in their holiday finest, making them great for photo ops! This also lets you save money on the decors, offering more chances to use the extra cash for splurging on gorgeous florals or luxe menu options.

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2. Easier to Find Your Playlist Inspo

December couples will naturally embrace the season’s sound, giving the reception holiday vibes. We recommend some instrumental or jazzy mix up of the classics, which are the perfect choice for an elegant celebration such as a wedding reception. You can check out Spotify for some inspiration, as it has tons of holiday music collections to explore.

3. Warmer Favors for Your Guests

You can take everything you love about the holidays and turn them into guest favors – from keepsake ornaments, mulling spices, holiday sweets and champagne. If you’re feeling the spirit of the season, you can also decide to donate to charitable organizations instead of spending funds on favors. Your guests will love it when it all comes from the heart.

4. Photo Sessions in Wonderful Winter

Couples used to the cold December aren’t worried about the snow; they might be hoping for it! It’s your opportunity to ditch the dress and shoes for a while and slip into some comfy boots and cozy wraps. Cuddle up with your spouse surrounded by the gorgeous white winter scenery.

5. Hit the Tropical Beach

If you’re planning to get married in December while escaping the winter season entirely, and looking to travel somewhere warm and sunny, then a photo session on the beach is a must! Even though destination beaches and tropical weddings like Bali offer light and bright colors, you can still bring out the holly evergreen springs in your bouquet and place poinsettias within your ceremony to celebrate the season. 

6. Go All Out for New Year’s Eve

If you want to embrace the holiday wedding fully, why not go for a New Year’s Wedding instead? Indeed, the day will come with added costs for the high-demand vendors and venues for the night. However, a New Year’s Eve wedding is truly special and memorable, especially when surrounded by your nearest and dearest. 

7. Your Guests are in a Great Mood

December has always been a joyful month and is marked by quality time spent with your loved ones, social outings, and some of the nicest eating throughout the year. You’ll have an easy time celebrating your wedding in December, as generally, your guests will arrive in the mood to celebrate and in good spirits, and that’s before you’ve poured down the first bottle of champagne.

8. Bring Out the Holiday-Themed Photo Booths

Ropes of garland, Santa suits and accessories for New Year’s Eve, December offers you plenty of possible props for your wedding photo booth. You can keep it simple with a metallic fringe adorned in the backdrop or go for a more elaborate theme (holiday décor) for a quirkier vibe.

9. Wonderful Anniversary Celebrations for the Years to Come

Getting married in December allows you to celebrate your wedding anniversary during the holidays, making the season feel even more special. Also, with the extra days off during the holidays, it’s an excellent month for planning your anniversary getaways; whether you’re planning for a sunny retreat or a weekend escape in the city, it’s all up to you.

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