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Plan the Perfect Tropical Wedding in Bali

Bali tropical wedding

Walking down the aisle and saying “I do” under the tropical summer sun. What could be a better way to celebrate your wedding? Bali is a paradise island that offers spectacular ocean backdrops, epic cliffs and majestic Hindu temples. The island offers everything you want from an exciting summer wedding!

If you’re planning to get married in Bali, find out the essential things you need to make the perfect tropical wedding!

Attractive Invitations

As invitations are the first impression guests will have of your wedding, you want to make sure to set the vibe and make a statement. Let them know the theme of your big day through your invitations. This will also let them have an idea of what food and attire to expect. Throw in the bright colors in the design to capture the island life vibes. You can include colorful flowers, palm leaves, tropical fruits and bamboo in the plans.

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Make sure to keep a consistent theme throughout the stationary. From the save dates to the programs and menu cards should all have a similar feel and design. Consult with a stationary specialist to provide a consistent look that sparks fun and excitement!

Flowers and Leaves

The tropical flowers are the essentials for setting a tropical vibe in any event. Luckily, Bali is bursting with vibrant colors in every corner and there is no need for a color scheme with a tropical wedding, as the flowers will represent every color you want.

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The common flowers in Bali include Hibiscus, lilies and of course Frangipani or locally known as Jepun. These flowers are available all year round on the island, which means that you don’t need to worry about the seasons in which they bloom. You can always talk to the local florist to check the likely cost or if any alternatives might embrace your tropical theme even more.

Another vital piece to embrace the tropical vibe are the big leaves. If you feel like the colorful flowers aren’t enough, you should include palm branches and even common banana leaves as your décor.

Tropical Wedding Aisle

Commonly, couples seem to focus on decorating their tables and outdoors and forget about their own ceremony space. If you’re having a themed wedding, every aspect of your wedding should convey your theme. You can brainstorm your ideas when setting up your ceremony; what makes a tropical Bali wedding vibe? We recommend some bamboo chairs that reflect the reminiscent of the beach and palm leaves, flower petals, or sand lined up in the aisle.

Bali Wedding Arch

Beach weddings in Bali are by far the most popular, so you shouldn’t have any trouble evoking an ocean-like vibe. You can create or rent a unique arch and adjust it to the most tropical it can get. It’s a great way to portray your theme! Every tiny detail counts for the decorations, but the big pieces like a ceremony arch can shout out your theme in a more obvious way. You can create an arch with driftwood or bamboo and cover the rented arch with palm branches and ferns or draped white fabric. This arch may be the centerpiece for your wedding and represents the direction of your wedding decoration.

Set Your Table

Setting up the base of your reception table is an excellent first step. You can rent bare wooden tables for an organic feel for the event. White linens can also make clean crisp along with a blank canvas for a cheaper alternative.

Once the base of your table is clear, you should then consider the dishware. Gold and copper accents are the trends these days compared to silver and platinum. Those colors also fit the tropical vibes as gold and copper resemble the gleam of a sunset. Use large tropical leaves or bamboo plates as charger plates under simple, clean white plates.

If you’ve arranged the seating, you can add seashells or a leaf with calligraphy of the names of who will be sitting there. If you’re letting your guests freely sit wherever they please, a menu card or a colorful origami napkin can be a great piece. Top off the table with a simple centerpiece. As the tropical theme is expressive enough, the rest of the decorations and accents should be thoughtful and subtle. You can put a transparent container of sand with seashells or water with Bali’s frangipani flowers at the center of the table or a sea glass vase for a pop of bright color.

Interact with Your Guests

Besides all of the decors or bouquets, you should also enjoy the celebration itself. Make sure you have fun at your wedding reception and celebrate your big day with your closest family and friends in paradise! We have some extra ideas in case you wish to extend your theme to the reception activities.

First, make a unique guest book! You can find a canoe or a surfboard with a lot of blank space for your guests to leave their signatures and messages. You can then bring these objects home and put them somewhere where you can reread them every day! You can also provide some hilarious and fun photo booth props -like hula skirts, coconut shells, traditional Balinese masks to make some memorable shots and scrapbooks for your guests.

For outdoor weddings, you can customize your dance floor by decorating them with tiki lights! They provide some beautiful glowing lights which perfectly suit the Bali beach vibes. You can also light up the night with some big bonfires (with permission from the venue) where your family and friends can sit and chat with a bottle of Bintang. To make your wedding event even hotter, you can also hire professional Balinese dancers for live entertainment. This list is far from complete, but we hope it will inspire you to hold the Bali tropical wedding of your dreams! It is your paradise wedding after all. Set up the essentials of a tropical wedding such as bright colored flowers and vibrant colors and big leaves with an ocean backdrop and make a wedding theme that reflects you. Still confused about where to get married in Bali? Visit Bali Wedding Prices for a complete guide of venues and locations all around the island for your wedding in Bali.

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