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12 Tropical Wedding Bouquets Ideas for Your Ceremony

tropical wedding bouquets ideas

Having a wedding in Bali means that you can say ‘I do’ under a canopy of palms, a post-ceremony with a sunset view and the best cocktails. All that makes a great tropical wedding. This also made the tropical leaf wedding bouquets a hit around the last few years. They express a more laid-back vibe and consist of brightly colored florals on a green leaf can. LaParis Phillips, a florist expert and designer of the Brooklyn Blooms, stated, “tropical arrangements give a more free-spirited mood to a wedding.”

Tropical flowers as bouquets may be a little out of the ordinary for some. But if you are looking to add a wow factor and something less traditional with a splash of funky flowers, then this type of bouquet is for you.

This out-of-the-box flower design will definitely draw your guest’s attention and depending on the flowers you choose, you can do more for less.

The best tropical bouquet is the boho theme, or of course, the beach wedding theme, which suits the Bali wedding theme perfectly. There are many ways to enhance the overall design with a bouquet with unique and vibrant flower colors. Each flower brings its own vibe, aesthetic and assets.

From a cliffside wedding venue to a lush jungle resort, here are 12 ways why tropical bouquets should be in the must-have section of your wedding.

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1. Mix The Leaves

A characteristic of a tropical bouquet includes the different kinds of leafy greens arranged in it. Focus on the layers by adding a variety of leaves, from monstera to palms.

2. Change Them Up

For a modern addition to the traditionally bright-colored tropical bouquet, look for an elegant all-white bridal bouquet. You can get creative by painting the leaves and ferns to suit the white hue to maintain the sleek and sophisticated theme.

3. Go for The Big Flowers

take your bouquet to the next level by adding larger-than-life flowers. The simple and sleek bridal look with a white dress contrasts with an extravagant bouquet that includes some big blooms.

4. Combine The Classics

This wedding bouquet features the all-time classics like roses, peonies and anemones with additional tropical-inspired flowers like anthurium and orchids for an extra vibrant combination that’s elegant and fun.  

5. Get Dramatic

We don’t want any drama involved in weddings, except the drama in floral designs. A vibrant tropical bouquet can turn from something plain to dramatic with the right flowers. Try out some ginger flowers or protea or any tropical leaf base for some excellent ways to make things interesting.

6. Mix Green and White

The mix of green and white bouquets looks excellent in any wedding style. It’s no exception in a tropical bouquet. Bringing many textures like different types of white flowers and green leaves with touches of white helps break up the monotone theme and avoid the boring looks.

7. Include Ferns

Even though ferns don’t produce a flower, they can still make a delicate addition to a bouquet. Try adding a lush jungle-inspired design for your wedding with ferns, whether it’s an Asparagus fern, Lady fern, Royal fern, or Bird’s nest fern (they are all great ferns). These greens and any types of palms will add the right amount of tropical to keep it joyful.

8. Go for The Jungle Vines

Embrace anything that shouts tropical! You can layer amounts of greens like palms and ferns and you’ll create a lush forest look. Add other flowering vines like jasmine for the cherry on top.

9. Show Off The Bougainvillea

Usually found in their natural habitats (a bush or a tree), the bougainvillea has a bright pink color representing the tropical theme. Arrange them amongst other tropical flowers and leaves and you’ll have a lasting impression with the best choice with a pop of pink.

10. Choose The Local Blooms

While you’re having a wedding in Bali, why not choose the fantastic arrays of flowers you can find here? You can find the local colorful orchids and the island’s iconic frangipani or Jepuns representing Bali’s tropical essence.

11. Pick The Right Leaves

Palm leaves are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of the tropics. You can get creative with the kinds of leaves arranged in your bouquet. There are numerous varieties that you can easily find and it brings the proper shape, texture, and colors to a bouquet no matter the size.

12. Make A More Structured Wedding Bouquet

A tropical wedding may take the laid-back vibe to the max, from the wedding dress you choose to the reception decorations, especially if you’re having your vows on the shores. Get a slight sense of refinement for your special day by having a more structured bouquet. Add sharp lines of protea, ferns and monstera leaves for a breathtaking bouquet design. Remember to check the local florist for the available blooms as some flowers may not be available due to the seasons. Check out more tips for a wedding in Bali at Bali Wedding Prices.

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