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Top 6 Spring Wedding Bouquet Ideas for You

Spring wedding bouquet ideas

There’s always something unique in every season, but spring is the season that holds many secrets. One of them is the plethora of romantic blooms and the enchanting fragrance they produce. If you’re having a wedding at this time of the year, you’re in luck, as there’s an abundance of drop-dead gorgeous flowers to choose from for your wedding bouquet.

Even though flowers are essential for your wedding decor, your spring wedding bouquet should be your priority. Its role is important not only because of the beautiful photo results but also for walking down the aisle together. So, think about all the roses, hydrangeas, and ranunculus with vibrant pops of purple, orange, and corals. There’s no limit to creating the perfect spring bouquet and we’ll be looking at all the ideas and tips in this article. 

1. Spring Wedding Bouquet with Peonies

The peony spring flower wedding bouquet is a favorite option and is suitable for any wedding theme. Whether it’s for an outdoor, ballroom, industrial-chic, or rustic-style venue with flowers, there’s no mistake with peonies. If you’re looking for a classic bridal bouquet for a spring wedding, pair them with classic rose flowers. 

Or perhaps you’re looking for a more modern or contemporary style? Add additional accent blooms like white anemones, peach-toned dahlias, springs of lavender, and others. Then add some king protea or wildflowers. You can also go for a peony-only bouquet or accent the bouquet with other popular flowers. This is also an affordable option and will suit any budget range.

2. The Classic Rose Bouquet 

Known as the symbol of beauty and love, roses are iconic flowers that have been the figure of countless myths and fairy tales. Romantic poets and writers have used the flower as a symbol of emotion, beauty, passion, and love. It’s an all-star in the wedding world as the rose could be more exciting, especially when looking at its colors. Roses are available in bicolor, solid hues, and even striped and tipped ones.

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You can find 3000 varieties of roses grown commercially and others available all year round at surprisingly affordable prices. Even though roses are associated with a wonderful fragrance, not all roses are scented. The three main roses that are popular as wedding flowers include hybrid tea roses (the classic shaped rose you can find at your nearest florist, spray roses (the rose with five to ten heads on every stem that offers the natural garden-grown look), and garden roses (the old-school, expensive kind with open heads and luxurious scents).

3. Tulip Bouquet for Your Wedding 

Tulips are some of the most beautiful options for wedding bouquets and are suitable for the classic and elegant bride. They also represent “consuming love” and “happy years” making tulips a meaningful choice for a wedding bouquet. The flower blooms in a wide range of colors, including cream, white, pastels (yellow, pink, and peach), and more vibrant options (red, magenta, orange, and purple).  Tulips are available most of the year, and common ones are usually affordable, with some rare ones being expensive. 

Combine a variety of tulips, from parrots to foxtrots, and layer them with garden roses and white tulips. These flowers have graceful petals and stem that offer a whimsical vibe. If you’re looking for an asymmetric shape, find unopened tulips to make a traditional round bouquet. You can also opt for a monochromic bouquet or a small neutral posy to get that chic and effortless look. 

4. Combine Lilies, Hydrangeas, and Daffodils

The combinations of lilies, hydrangea, and daffodils are the essence of spring. These flowers are also the perfect choice for wedding bouquets and will make the prettiest combos for them. These blooms are fragrant and will continue to bloom until the summer. The cascading hydrangeas, together with the blooms, offer a traditional look. 

For a more modern and creative bouquet, combine white and copper hydrangeas and blend them with chrysanthemums. Add some daffodils, painted leaves, and lily accents for a unique look. You can also choose a round-shaped arrangement for texture. 

5. Combinations of Wildflowers in Your Bridal Bouquets

Wildflower creates a gorgeous wedding bouquet for the bohemian bride. Besides the traditional bouquets of roses or peonies, wildflowers are combinations of any flower you can find, which makes a spontaneous and carefree look. 

To make a wildflower bouquet, you can include anything from daisies, honeysuckle, Columbine, cornflower, and midsummer orchid! Other options include primrose, bluebells, wood anemones, and poppies. Get some opulent peonies and roses as your main flower to add a delicate touch. Then, add some grains, bullrushes, grasses, wheat, and herbs to get that vibrancy and texture. 

6. Wedding Bouquets with Beautiful Orchids

Orchids are versatile flowers that come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They are timeless and exotic blooms that add a unique touch to any bouquet and floral decorations to your wedding. Orchids are a symbol of refinement, love, beauty, and luxury. Orchids are usually the top pick for wedding flowers for many couples worldwide. 

As orchids thrive in tropical climates, they are perfect for couples planning a destination wedding, such as a wedding in Bali. Get some dried leaves into the bouquet to elevate the wedding look. If you’re looking for variation, add shapes and silhouettes to get that sculptural look. For instance, get the phalaenopsis orchids with calla lilies, garden roses, spray roses, and lisianthus to create a garden look. You can also merge ivory orchids and roses to achieve an asymmetrical look. 

Conclusion – Which Spring Bouquet is For You?

Spring wedding bouquets are beautiful yet gorgeous because they are in season. The number of blooms makes it easy for brides to walk down the aisle in their dream wedding. If you’re looking for other tips and tricks for choosing the right wedding flowers for your wedding, visit our blog section

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