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Wedding Without Flowers – Is it Possible?

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Wedding bouquets, floral centerpieces, and aisles covered in beautiful petals. Flowers have always been part of weddings for generations and it seems impossible to exclude them from any marriage. However, are flowers really necessary for your wedding? Weddings are much more personal than they were a few decades ago. Wedding celebrations come in many shapes and sizes, so a wedding without flowers doesn’t seem as radical as it was. 

Are Flowers Essential for a Wedding?

Flowers are beautiful, so why would anyone want to exclude them for their wedding day? One reason is that they’re sometimes expensive. Fresh flowers, mainly imported ones, will take a big chunk of your wedding budget for decoration. Wedding flowers also cause a lot of waste as they aren’t reusable, which is why environmentally-conscious brides have opted for a flowerless wedding instead.

Wedding flowers’ popularity might also be the reason why some couples go for non-floral decorations. A wedding without flowers may seem unnatural, but it offers a modern look that is perfect for couples who want a less traditional wedding. For some couples, their reason for letting go of wedding flowers is simple: they are just not into flowers! Whatever the reason, we think you can have a chic, beautiful celebration without flowers. Scroll down our list and find some excellent alternatives. 

Use Artificial Wedding Flowers

If you love flowers’ beauty but don’t have the budget for them, consider faux flowers as part of your decoration for your big day. Artificial flowers aren’t as foolproof and easy to choose as fresh flowers. So make sure to look at these aspects to help you decide. 



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Although there are many artificial flowers, ranging from the most affordable to the most expensive ones, they are still significantly cheaper than fresh flowers. 

Long-Lasting Arrangements

You can keep the flowers after your wedding and reuse them long after the ceremony. You also won’t have any wilting flowers to worry about during your big day. 

They are always available

Besides being budget-friendly, fake flowers are always available throughout the year, regardless of the season. This lets you have any flowers you want at any time. 


No Scent

Fresh flowers produce a pleasing and distinct fragrance that faux flowers don’t have. Even if you spray them with floral scent, it doesn’t match the fine stench of fresh flowers.

Lack of Pptions

Local wedding florists who sell real flowers are usually much easier to find than those selling artificial ones. Comparing different artificial flower vendors may be difficult if you can find enough of them.

Keep in mind that you can have real flowers and artificial blooms at the same time if you aren’t willing to go all faux. For example, you can do a ratio of 30:70. You can place your artificial flowers in places your guests can’t reach. But make sure to pick high-quality artificial flowers.

Work with Fruits 

Fruits actually work well as decorative elements, even for weddings! You can have a variety of fruits at different parts of your wedding decoration, including centerpieces, escort cards, place cards, table numbers and even the bar or dessert table. 

When styling these fruits for your wedding, even though many things look good with fruits, you shouldn’t just scatter them all over the place. You’ll need to pay close attention to their color and quality compositions. You can have single-color fruits and play around with a single tone or work with bright colors to add contrast to the whole decorative arrangement.

Remember to always refer to your wedding theme and color palette for the placement. A wooden box or crate filled with fruits will result in a lovely rustic or ranch wedding. For example, nice Chinese porcelain perfectly matches these fruits in a chinoiserie-themed wedding. You can also go for a modern and minimalist approach that consists of tall clear glass. 

When to Buy Fruits for Your Wedding?

It’s best to talk with your wedding decorator about this. Also, consider the fruits’ shelf life and how they tend to change color. You shouldn’t buy them too soon as the fruit’s quality will deteriorate over long periods. Some fruits like bananas and papaya may change color in only a few days. Therefore, they won’t suit your wedding color palette as much as when you bought them.

To determine how much fruit you need, calculate the requirements plus one or two additional kilos just in case some fruits aren’t in the best condition. You can contact your local supplier and ensure that there’s enough stock of the fruit you want to buy. 

Things to Remember when You Decide to Go Flowerless

Now that you know some non-floral options for your wedding day, it’s time to think deeper about them. Consider these points before deciding not to use flowers for your wedding celebration.

Make Sure This is Something You Want

Indeed, having a wedding without flowers isn’t the most popular choice, so when you choose this route, make sure you really want it. Ensure that your partner and your immediate family members whom you love most will appreciate your decision.

Embrace Your Personality

Besides artificial flowers, fruits and other things mentioned above, many other alternatives make incredible wedding decorations. If you and your partner love books, you can replace your centerpieces with a bundle of antique books. There are endless decorative options. Just make sure that they truly represent your personality. 

Get a Talented Wedding Decorator

This is where it gets a little tricky. Creating flowerless wedding decorations requires a lot of expertise, so make sure to hire someone talented, creative and open-minded. A good wedding decorator will happily go with your ideas and do their best to create the decorations just the way you want them.

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