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What Flowers Go with a Rustic Pre-Wedding Shoot Theme?

rustic flowers for pre wedding shoot

Rustic pre-wedding themes have always been popular, especially if you want a calm and relaxed vibe during the photoshoot. It is a theme that’s always inspired by the great outdoors and nature, usually incorporating woodsy and floral details and other decorative details that offer a countryside vibe. 

We love the rustic pre-wedding photo shoots not only because they’re enchanting and chic but they are here to stay. In this article, we’ll be looking at the best kinds of flowers you should include for your rustic pre-wedding theme. 

Finding the Perfect Flowers for Your Rustic Pre-Wedding Shoot 

When deciding on the flowers for a pre-wedding shoot, there are many things to consider. You need to consider the color, what’s available during the season you’ve chosen, and other traditional meanings that are important to you. Also, remember to add some of your favorite blooms because our favorite flowers usually have some meaning for us too!

Seasonal flowers offering a romantic vibe include freesias, gardenias, and hydrangeas, while blooms like daisies and cornflowers remind us of a country meadow. Your bouquets should consist of delicate Queen Anne’s lace or tall, yellow sunflowers.

Rustic summer wedding flowers for your pre-wedding shoot also allow you to step away from regular options and lean towards a colorful array of wildflowers. Talk to your florist about the flower options and use platforms like Pinterest for the ideal floral arrangements.

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Now, let’s get into the recommended flowers to capture the rustic essence of your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Earthy Green and White

Large flowers like White Scabiosa and Peonies paired with a few soft greeneries are a gorgeous compliment to your rustic theme. The crisp colors will pop against a wooden backdrop, offering a sweet vibe. 

Whether you’re using this flower duo in your bouquet for your pre-wedding shoot or as decorations for your wedding, these flowers will blend into the surroundings of your rustic theme. The white and green flower’s simplicity mimics things found in nature and helps make a statement without it being the main focus.

Rustic Floral Tree

What we mean by a floral tree isn’t actually a tree made of flowers but rather a tree covered with flowers. This is the perfect backdrop for your photo shoot, especially if your pre-wedding shoot is under a majestic old tree. 

Instead of posing under a traditional archway, you can create your own arch by getting a florist to design a rustic backdrop by decorating the tree’s trunk up towards the branches. Fill the backdrop with matching flowers and some greenery. It’s a unique take on the usual floral decorations that will add a whimsical woodland feel to your photos.

Sunflower Chic in the Summer

Is your pre-wedding taking place in the summer or on a tropical island like Bali? Then we recommend looking for a more traditional feel and go with sunflowers. These tall and bright florals never fail to make a statement and are the icons of a summertime country wedding.

Choose some sunflowers with mild greenery to help them look good in photos. You can try posing while the two of you are bringing the flowers. They also make an excellent backdrop for your photos that will put a smile on anyone who sees it. 


Adding tons of greenery is essential to creating the perfect rustic ambiance. Greenery can help you create that fresh vibe for your photoshoot while not taking you away as the main focus. 

Eucalyptus is an ideal greenery to add to your bouquet for pre-wedding photography. It comes in a few varieties, such as the silver dollar, and is suitable for any flower it’s paired with. Its soft green hue complements any environment perfectly without being too green.


People say that “love is like a wildflower,” and we totally agree. This is one of the reasons you should include wildflowers for your pre-wedding shoot. To match the beloved simplicity of a rustic-themed photoshoot, consider having an array of wildflowers if you want to go all out instead of only a traditional bouquet. 

These flowers will match the earthy vibe of the theme perfectly, with their small and dainty details standing out in the photograph. Remember that the variety of wildflowers is almost endless; the more you choose, the better. 

Fresh Vegetables

This may seem a little out of the box, but if you want to fully embrace the rustic-to-table style country pre-wedding shoot, consider getting fresh vegetables for the bright colors that will pop up in your photos.

A backdrop of colorful batches of veggies mixed with herbs and wildflowers will offer stunning photo results. A combination of purple cabbage, red or yellow tomatoes, and bright orange carrots with red poppies will all add to the rustic explosion. 


Selecting the right flowers for your rustic pre-wedding shoot is crucial in capturing this timeless theme’s enchanting and chic essence. Whether you’re drawn to the earthy green and white combination of White Scabiosa and Peonies, the whimsical allure of a floral tree, the iconic sunflower chic for summer, the fresh vibrancy of eucalyptus, the simplicity of wildflowers, or the unconventional charm of incorporating fresh vegetables, each choice contributes uniquely to the rustic ambiance. 

When planning, consider consulting with your florist and exploring platforms like Pinterest for inspiration. The possibilities are vast, and with a thoughtful selection of flowers, you can craft a pre-wedding photoshoot that not only reflects the charm of the great outdoors but also immortalizes the unique and romantic moments leading up to your special day. 

In the end, the beauty of a rustic pre-wedding shoot lies in the authenticity and natural elegance of your love story. So, embrace the floral details that resonate with you, add a touch of your personal favorites, and let the flowers weave a tale of romance that will be cherished for a lifetime. Cheers to the journey ahead, filled with love, laughter, and the timeless allure of rustic beauty. 

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