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Top 5 Places for a Beachside Wedding in Bali

Top places for beach wedding in bali

Bali is one of the best and romantic places in the world when it comes to destination weddings. With breathtaking beaches, endless views of the white sands and vibrant tropical gardens, to top it off, Bali has the best sunset views in the world and exquisite crystal clear waters. Bali’s landscapes can become the perfect backdrop for your beachside wedding.

Among all wedding packages, beach weddings are one of the most popular in Bali. It lets you feel the soft sands flowing beneath your feet as you walk through the palm leaves and backdrop with the sound of the ocean waves. Embrace your new happiness with your partner and guests as Bali’s suns shine over your vows.

Your guests will adore the stunning views with the abundance of tropical flowers and delicious culinary accompanies by cocktails made from fresh coconuts and other freshly picked exotic fruits.

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Bali offers an endless choice of stunning beachside villa locations, whether it’s from the black or white sandy beaches to the unique oceanfront cliff beaches. Every ceremony is unique and provides a fantastic mix of Balinese culture, tropical essence and blessings to the bride and groom. Wedding packages in Bali will take every detail, handle them with professional services and intimate accents and make sure that every moment is an unforgettable memory in the making.

Couples can pick any fairy tale beachfront wedding without spending all they have with all the available options. Whether you prioritize a classy or fun celebration or even both, Bali’s wedding organizers can offer you the experience that saves you from the stress and bring out the details and your personalized wedding ideas, bringing the wedding of your dreams to reality.

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The Bali Beach Wedding of Your Dreams

You may have seen a Bali beach wedding before on the internet, television, or in popular wedding magazines. You may have seen how couples walk over the path of clear white sand adorned by vibrant colored petals along their way, leading them to share the eternal vows and say “I do.” Many brides think that these weddings only exist in their dreams, but with the help of Bali beach wedding packages and a little effort to come to the island, your dream wedding is closer than you think.

Bali is lined with numerous coastlines filled with beautiful beaches, each one being unique, offering romantic charms all created by mother nature. These beaches consist of mostly white sands, with some of them are black sands created by the volcanoes and the rest made from the smooth pebbles found around the jagged cliff edges and rocks. If you love the beach and ocean and adore the warm sun and a spark of romance, then a Bali beach wedding is perfect for you.

Bali Beach Wedding Packages

You can choose from Bali’s experienced wedding organizers that offer wedding packages on the island’s best beaches. Here are some of the favorite beachside wedding locations where popular villas can be found with various budgets.

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Bay is located in the south of Bali. It is known for fresh seafood and a relaxed atmosphere. The area is filled with ancient temples, which are still used for religious ceremonies today.

Jimbaran Bay offers a tranquil and peaceful ambiance, making it a dream location for any lovebirds looking for a romantic beachside wedding in Bali. Its shoreline is dotted with fresh seafood restaurants each serving delicious traditional Balinese flavors.


The unbeatable surf breaks at Uluwatu have been a favorite for Australian surfers and it stands as one of the most popular surfing spots today. It may not be recommended for beginner surfers to get into the waves of Uluwatu, but if you are a surf fanatic, then Uluwatu is the beach wedding for you.

Uluwatu is known for its epic cliffs, where the view from the top is unlike any other. Green grass covers the cliff with the open ocean view, which offers the perfect beach wedding location.


Just a few kilometres away from Uluwatu, Balangan is best known as Bali’s beginner beach with its surfing schools and mini cafés alongside its shore usually playing reggae beats. It has a serene and relaxed atmosphere that offers the perfect escape from Kuta and Seminyak’s busy beaches. It has a multi-level walk on the way to the ocean, which gives you the option to have your reception either high up on the tip for a magnificent horizon view or right in the sand where you can feel the calm waves to cool your feet.

Balagan beach is easy to access from the street, making it an ideal choice for large wedding celebrations. It is surrounded by palm trees, green fields and mountain tops.


Dreamland is located on Bali’s southern coast, which has been labeled as the New Kuta Beach. This beach has significantly grown into a surfer paradise and pleasure seekers in recent years. Dreamland offers a mix of bars and restaurants and day spas that ensure a well-deserved pre-wedding treatment. Like many beaches along Bali’s southern coast, Dreamland beach has the perfect blend of open grass fields and surf. It’s the ideal wedding location for you who love Kuta’s energy with Bali’s tropical white sands from the rural beaches.

Canggu & Seminyak

The last two beaches on our list are trendy and are tourist hotspots. If you choose either Seminyak or Canggu for your wedding, you’ll be blessed with all the popular villa choices, most of which overlook the fabulous sunset for photo opportunities. This also eases your guests as they won’t have to travel far away to get to your wedding ceremony as the villa will only be a short drive away.

Final Thoughts

These top picks for Bali beach weddings all offer something unique and different. Some are great for just the two of you for a more private intimate wedding, while others are great for sharing the moment with your family and friends. Remember to check everything and prepare your best beach wedding experience.

However, whichever beach you have chosen, you will be guaranteed a wedding that will stay in your memories and hearts forever, just like your love for each other.

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