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5 Facts about Beach Wedding in Bali You Should Know

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It’s every girl’s dream to have a wedding on the beach when they find that special someone. Even when they grow older, the wedding-on-the-beach fantasies are still the fantasy that may still linger in your mind. So why not make it a reality? 

Having a beach wedding means that you’ll be traveling for this day and turning your normal wedding into a ‘destination wedding.’ It may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Indeed, it involves some extra planning. You’ll need to work extra to find an experienced wedding planner based on a tropical island like Bali, far away from home. However, all the extra work is worth it! A wedding on Bali’s beach is unlike any other. All your dreams and fantasies will be fulfilled on the secluded, tropical and downright romantic island.

Things to Know about Bali Beach Weddings

Why is everyone obsessed with Bali? The beach is one of the top 3 reasons! Bali is a small island and is one of the thousands of islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Today, it’s one of the most popular wedding destinations worldwide. 

Bali’s beaches are pristine and most of them are fantastic locations for your Bali wedding. You can find white and black sand beaches, secret beaches, and everything in between.

Before you start wandering off to your beach wedding wonderland, you should know a few things about beach weddings in Bali.

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1. Black Sand vs White Sand

Most people are unfamiliar with black sand beaches and it doesn’t seem right for that picture-perfect wedding spot. However, black sand can be just as pretty or even prettier, depending on your wedding style and decorations. A beach wedding with the backdrop of the majestic Mount Agung, Bali’s tallest volcano praised by the Balinese people, will undoubtedly add that magical touch to your wedding day!

However, Uluwatu’s classic white sandy bays are also the best places for an unforgettable wedding! Seminyak and Canggu are also the hotspots for a beach wedding kissed by Bali’s iconic sunset views.

2. Beaches are for the Public

Every beach is a public domain and it’s best to avoid busier areas to avoid strangers strolling by and peeking through the sideline. We recommend renting a beachfront villa. You can also pick a more secluded beach in the island’s quieter area to escape all the crowds.

Remember that a beach wedding is never utterly private as there can always be people passing no matter where your wedding takes place.

3. The Weather – Rain and Sunshine

Bali has two seasons – the wet season (October to April) and the dry season (May to September). But regardless of the season, there should always be a backup plan in case it does rain, especially for beach weddings as it takes place in the open space.

Make sure to have a plan B up and running, so talk to your wedding planner about the options in case rain falls down on your beach wedding day (fingers crossed this won’t happen). There are plenty of beachfront villas for a spectacular wedding venue. In case of the rain, you can move everyone indoors. This is another advantage of choosing a villa for your beach wedding.

Now that we’ve covered the rain situation, we’re still not done yet. Bali’s intense heat from the sun can also be a problem for your big day. This is because there is little to no shade on most beaches and it can get scorching during the afternoon. So, to avoid sweating in your wedding dress and getting your feet burned from the hot sand, you’ll need a plan for your ceremony if it takes place in the afternoon. We recommend having a wedding ceremony just before the sunset takes place to add extra magic to your beautiful day. You and your guests will remember this day forever!

4. The Local Banjar

Bali is a mystical place where the Balinese people hold ceremonies, offerings and prayers to the Hindu temples almost every day. There are also many ceremonies taking place on the beach. This is why you’ll need to contact the local Banjar and discuss your beach wedding.

The Banjar will ensure that your wedding won’t clash with any ceremonies. The Banjar might also ask you for a fee, but you can let your wedding planner handle it.

5. The Traffic

Suppose you’re having a wedding in popular places like Canggu or Seminyak in Southern Bali. In that case, the traffic might be an issue. Even though it’s not very far away, what should be a 10-minute drive can end up being over an hour. And showing up late on your wedding day is a big no! This is why you need to arrive at the venue on time.

Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

The simple answer is, yes, you do! You cannot plan the fairy tale wedding you want without an experienced Bali wedding planner. Do you have an extensive network in Bali? Do you know the island like the back of your hand and know the secret beaches and villas to make that wedding you desire? Do you speak the local language? We assume you don’t have any of these! This is why you must find a professional wedding planner for your special day.There are thousands of wedding planners to choose from and the search for the best one starts with research online, asking around and checking the reviews. Your wedding planner will be your guide for everything in the planning process. It will ensure everything goes according to your desire. In our blog collection, check out more information on why you need a wedding planner for your Bali wedding.

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