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7 Eco-Friendly Bali Wedding Ideas

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So, you’re planning a magical wedding in Bali, congratulations!

We know how stressful the process can be and especially that the global pandemic caused many couples to reschedule their big day and even their flights to the island! Planning a wedding can take a lot of your time, especially when on a paradise island such as Bali. However, we can ensure that the hard work and effort will pay off and reward you with an unforgettable memory of your big day. We are also happy when couples are bringing some eco-friendliness to their wedding.

After all, any small act you do can make a positive change to our planet. And our mother Earth gives us so much beauty to witness, such as Bali’s gorgeous wedding backdrops of the island’s natural sceneries of its beaches, rice fields and ancient temples. One way to make your paradise wedding even more remarkable is by providing an eco-friendly and earth-first experience. You probably haven’t thought about it before, but wedding events and their activities indeed cause a considerable amount of waste. Getting rid of the usual plastic straws, silverware and water bottles can come a long way in saving the planet.

Here are seven ways to make your Bali wedding greener and eco-friendlier:

Send Digital Invitations

We understand that a physical paper invite feels special and premium, and getting rid of it may seem heartbreaking, especially if you’re an old-school wedding goods lover.

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But if you don’t consider these flat lay stationeries as your priority, consider going digital to save the dates and invitations. This way you can still support your graphic designers by having your own custom design or designing a paperless suite with help from a website.

Spend the time you would have for designing the paper invites for your own fantastic and interactive website. You’ll be saving some trees this way as well as keeping some extra bucks in your wallet.

Use Biodegradable Products for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

From the bridal shower to the wedding reception, a lot of plastic waste is made in between. Get rid of this plasticware for biodegradable spoons and forks. There are online shops available that dedicate an entire page for eco-friendly wedding tableware. They usually provide cutleries made from wood, sugarcane, wheat fiber and other natural sources to prevent plastics from rolling into our oceans. On a tropical island such as Bali, bamboo straws are also a cute and attractive utensil you can use instead of a plastic straw.

If you’re ready for a bigger step, then go for a plastic-free wedding overall. This includes getting rid of plastic cups and decors altogether. Just remember to recycle everything when the party’s over!

Offer Boxed Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are indeed practical and easy at any event, but weddings don’t need to be wasteful, as we’ve mentioned previously. It takes around 700 years for one plastic bottle to degrade, and it still won’t ever go away. Boxed water cartons are almost entirely plant-based or made from renewable resources, which means they are fully recyclable. It’s a much greener option than canned water or plastic water bottles.

Minimize Your Wedding Waste

Wedding favors can be really fun and thoughtful! But there can be something more than goodie bags to save us from bringing goods that may just end up in our dusty shelves or even the trash.

How can you get rid of the wastes but still treat your guests? Instead of wedding favors, you can spend your money on extra food or events for your guests instead. Or if you still want to offer favors on your big day, try making packets from a recycled paper of seeds from the flowers you love. This way, your unique favor is part of the environment and will end up planting themselves if they do end up in the trash.

Carefully Plan Your Floral Design

It’s a heartbreaking truth that countless wilting and bouquets and floral arrangements end up in the bin when you’re running off to your honeymoon.

You can find a company that rents bouquets for weddings every weekend, giving those gorgeous buds a whole happy lifetime. Or, instead of ordering centerpieces, you can repurpose those bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces for your dinner table after your girls are done carrying them on the dancefloor. This saves up your money and fewer flowers will get thrown in the trash.

One of the perks of a Bali wedding is the tons of beautiful tropical flowers in any season you can pick out for your bouquet.

Dance Under the Bali Stars or by the Candlelight

Vintage hanging bulbs and a wall of flickering lights may be beautiful, but they can consume a surprising amount of electricity in a single night. Pick a time later in the night to cut down any light pollution. It doesn’t have to be the end of your party, but a way to save a bit of electricity and enjoy the tropical stars! Candles are also a great replacement when the sun starts to set, with its soft, flickering lights sparking a romantic mood for everyone. Generally, a wedding party dance floor can be a little too bright and uncomfortable for showing off your dance moves anyway. So, who needs a disco ball? Just dim the lights and party under Bali’s stars or hundreds of dancing candles.

Plan a Fun Giveback Day During Your Bali Wedding

A wedding in Bali offers plenty of events and opportunities for your guests. Giveback days disguised as a fun wildlife tour can be a perfect giveback day to our mother earth.

Locals and tourists may volunteer to help newly hatched turtles to return to the sea at the beach. At the same time, the couples say, “I do.” You can look for wildlife volunteering so that it may be available close to your wedding location so your day can both enrich your soul and also engage your guests. These are our top ideas to help you celebrate your special day while also keeping our planet greener. We are happy that you consider a more eco-friendly approach to hold your wedding as any small effort counts! Contact Bali Wedding Prices for the best deals of Bali’s high-end to budget-friendly wedding locations and venues around the island.

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