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The Best Souvenirs for Your Wedding in Bali

Wedding Souvenirs

Your loved ones and closest friends have traveled from the other side of the world to Bali to celebrate your biggest day. And even though it’s almost impossible to express your love and appreciation in words to each one of your guests, creative Bali wedding favors can serve as your gratitude for your lovely guests.

Before you select any wedding favors or souvenirs, there are a few factors to consider. First, keep in mind that the venue type and your wedding location, such as candies, won’t do well under Bali’s tropical sun and glasses might not be the best option for airplane travels.

What makes a good wedding favor?

The things you want to look for in a wedding souvenir and favors are its usage. Whether your guest can use it over and over again or they can enjoy it at the moment like candies, donuts or a mini bottle of wine. To calculate the budget you need, think of the number of guests you’ll be inviting. A smaller wedding can afford to provide custom tote bags and other higher-end items as souvenirs. On the other hand, you might need to consider more affordable options for a bigger guest list.

Local-based wedding favors and souvenirs can also be fun and a great way to incorporate your wedding location. For example, homemade jams and jars of honey can serve as an ideal parting gift for a country wedding. For a destination wedding, you can pick a favor with a specialty that’s only found in the country or region—for example, affordable Bali wooden crafts or pie susu for a destination wedding in Bali.

1. Homemade wedding favors

For unique wedding keepsakes, homemade wedding souvenirs may be the best option as a form of gratitude to your guests for being there on your big day. However, you need to ensure that every guest will receive a favor that reflects your style and theme. These homemade favors can be anything, but the most common ones include candy tins, gift bags, mints, or dove chocolates in different shapes and sizes. Also, don’t forget to add some personalized touches to these gifts, like you and your partner’s name and the wedding date.

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2. Edible wedding favors

If you have a limited allowance, but you still want some favors at the wedding, then edibles are the way to go. Affordable options include special cupcakes, fortune cookies and chocolates. These edibles as wedding gifts can be enjoyed at the moment without anything ending up in the bin, which is why they are popular for many couples.

3. Unique Ornament

Perhaps you want something that your guests can use every day at home, even though it’s just a simple favor. These ornaments and utensils are also a popular choice. These gifts include love coasters, key chains, letter openers, picture frames, stuffed animals, fragrances and much more.

Unique Wedding Souvenirs ideas

Wedding favors are a practical and inexpensive way to show your guests appreciation while also personalizing a part of your wedding. Whether you’re getting married in Bali’s breathtaking outdoor venues or a luxury grand ballroom, we have listed a round of unique gifts that your guests will love to take home.

1. Personalized sunscreen favors

The perfect gift for a Bali destination wedding! These custom mini sunscreen bottles will go well in any summer ceremonies or outside cocktail hours. They usually offer options of multiple chic patterns with options to customize them to suit your wedding theme.

2. Hot chocolate wedding favor in a tube

For those hosting a wedding in Bali during October- February, where the island can get a little chilly, then hot chocolate tubes are must-haves for a cold night. It is possible to customize the paper’s color tags and its shape for some extra personalization.

3. Custom seed wedding favors

Mark the start of your next journey together by offering customized seed packets for your guests to grow flowers in their gardens. There are around 16 various watercolor floral designs to provide options for matching your wedding décor.

4. Custom wedding flip flops

Another ideal wedding favor for a Bali wedding- these customized flip flops are a must have, especially if you plan on running out into the beach with your guests in the early morning. Your guests will love to wear these comfy flip flops instead of their fancy shoes to get the beach party going.

5. Papier personalized matches

If you and your partner are matchbox collectors from fancy restaurants, then you should consider it as your wedding souvenir. Besides matches being handy, you can also add some cute personalization onto it, such as picking a paper and printing it to match your wedding theme and décor.

6. Personalized wine label

These custom wine bottle tags can serve as an excellent way for a winery-themed wedding. Besides getting some delicious bottles of wine as a wedding favor, your guests will also remember the memories of your wedding when they serve their vino for dinner back home.

7. Bottle hanger boxes with customized labels

Take on a standard hangover kit for a more valuable and creative wedding souvenir. These personalized boxes attach to a water bottle where your guests can fill them with their favorite party juices or post-event elixirs. So your guest will wake up fresh after a night of festivity.

8. Custom popcorn boxes

Late-night popcorn for a post-wedding snack is the perfect way to end your wedding day! If your venue offers popcorn makers, put these personalized boxes next to them and put pre-filled boxes on a table with options of gourmet popcorn seasonings to give your guests a variety of options to mix their own flavors.

Wedding favors are one element for the preparation of your wedding. You can include them on the list, but of course, you need to know where you want to get married first! If you’re still unsure, Bali Wedding prices offers a list of popular Bali venues in all regions of the island. Make sure to read our other tips and start planning your dream wedding in Bali.

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