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Unique Wedding Souvenirs for Your Special Day


If you have a large guest count, it can be hard to say thank you to everyone. That's why offering them wedding gifts is a great way to appreciate them for dedicating their time to celebrate the best moment of your life.

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Unique Wedding Gifts Your Guests Will Remember

Wedding gifts and souvenirs is a tradition for any wedding, including the local Balinese. If you’ve decided to have a wedding in Bali, you’ll get the chance to offer your guests wedding favors they’ll remember forever.

unique wedding gifts
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The Many Kinds of Wedding Gifts for Your Bali Wedding

You’ll find endless options to offer your guests as wedding favors for your Bali wedding. This include:

  • icon-gifts-wooden-calendar

    Wooden Calendar

  • icon-gifts-silver-box

    Traditional Silver Boxes

  • icon-gifts-bottle-opener

    Bottle Opener

  • icon-gifts-balinese-coffee

    Balinese Coffee Sachet

  • icon-gifts-traditional-soap

    Traditional Soaps

  • icon-gifts-flower-candle

    Flower Candles

  • icon-gifts-shell-bracelet

    Shell Bracelets

  • icon-gifts-shots-arak

    A Shot of Arak Bali

Benefits of Getting Bali Souvenirs for Your Wedding

What's the upside of getting Bali souvenirs instead of the wedding gifts you have back home? Here’s why:

  • 1 Unique and TraditionalBali's wedding gifts are unique and traditional, offering your guests something different, which makes your wedding more memorable.
  • 2 Supporting the Local IndustryBy buying the local products, you're also supporting the local industry.
  • 3 Extra Decorations to Your TableWedding souvenirs also give some extra decorations to your table. If you seem to have a plain table in your reception, some wedding favor's boxes serve as a great addition to liven up the blank spaces.
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