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7 Vendors to Consider for Your Wedding in Bali

Wedding Vendors

No bride has ever organized every bit of a wedding by herself, as this will probably earn her the reputation of the most stressed-out bride on the planet! So, what is the secret to a successful wedding? It is the dream team of talented professional wedding vendors behind the show. So, if you want a Bali paradise wedding like you see in celebrity magazines, we’ve got the essential list of the pros you should hire.

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Indeed, we won’t mention all the vendors, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as important. Just imagine a reception without anyone playing music or stating your vows without any photographer. So, here is the list of the professional teams you should be looking for to help you put together all the details and help you find other vendors who can be a great addition to a perfect wedding day team. 

Find a Wedding Planner

First things first, a wedding planner will give you the guidance for the entire wedding planning process, so it’s best to hire them around a year before your wedding day and let them reserve your date on their calendar. There are numerous wedding planners in Bali to choose from, most of them with years of professional experience. They will act as an experienced counsel from the beginning to the end of your wedding planning process. This includes interviewing vendors, and they’ll ask the crucial questions for you. Of course, it’s best to hire your wedding coordinator first before you start booking and hiring anything else. But while you’re still deciding on your wedding planner, you can still browse through different venues and take tours, but we still suggest you review a contract with your wedding planner first before making other fixed bookings.

Hire a Venue

Right after finding your wedding planner, you can start deciding on the venue and catering for your wedding, as it is also best to book it around 12 months before your wedding day. You can check out Bali’s popular venues at Bali Wedding Prices for all the popular venues to the hidden gem around the island. Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a venue around popular areas like Kuta or Seminyak, these will likely be booked even earlier. The theme of your wedding venue will affect the overall ambiance of your wedding. Whether you’re having a beachside wedding or a glamorous ballroom celebration, all the elements, including your decorations and music selection, will be affected.

Hire a Wedding Caterer

Besides celebrating the new chapter of your life, your guests want two things during your wedding: food and drink. First, pick a wedding caterer that serves up a variety of good food at your event. In Bali, they’ll usually give you the option of only Western or only Indonesian/Balinese cuisine or even a mixture of both. Check your venue if they also include catering in their packages. If they don’t, then you’ll need to hire a separate vendor to prepare the excellent food and beverages for your reception. 

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Pick a Wedding Dress

After deciding on the venue reception location, you can then start looking for your dream wedding dress! We recommend purchasing one around 11 months before your wedding day. You don’t want to rush into a decision and end up with a wedding gown that’s going to suffocate you due to the small size, so make sure to visit different bridal stores around you. Most of them require 10 months in advance due to the order for your wedding with the dress designer. If you want a custom-made dress, it can take even longer. You can also start picking your bridal party and groomsmen attire if the bridal store offers them.

Find a Photographer

As photographer businesses are run mainly by a single person or a small group of creative professionals, we recommend booking them as early as possible. They will spend one full day for one wedding. Keep in mind that your venue also determines the photographer’s style. Digital photography is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, while the film photographer should be for outdoor venues since it needs a lot of natural light.

Find a Cake Designer

It is best to find and hire a bakery around six months in advance. Even though a cake baker can cater multiple weddings in a day, they still have their limits. Therefore, we suggest scheduling in advance and sign the wedding cake contract. Reserving a spot ahead of time will ensure you’ll get the cake baker you want, then the tasting can come a little later in the process. Before you consult further and taste their cakes, research what types of finishes will suit your wedding’s theme and venue.

Find a Favors Vendor

You probably won’t have time to say thank you to all of your guests, especially if your guest list consists of everyone you know. And when you’re planning a destination wedding in Bali, that means your guest deserves a heartfelt thank you for making an effort to be there on your special day. This is where wedding favors come in and they come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose from edible treats to mini pouches and keepsakes with you and your partner’s name on them.

Don’t Forget the Extras

For a fun addition to your wedding, you can also consider other vendors such as a wedding live musician, vendors, a coffee cart, a photo booth and others. They may not be necessary, but these extra touches can express how dynamic you are as a couple and a great way to have fun with your guests.

Now that you know the essential vendors, you’ll need to make sure they work well together and keep track of each flow. Then, after you check off all these tasks on your wedding list, watch them build the perfect wedding that is close to what you’ve always imagined.

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