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Bali’s Best Souvenirs Shops for Your Wedding

bali best souvenirs

If you’re a shopaholic and planning your wedding in Bali, then you’re in for a real treat! Not only you’ll be rewarded with stunning venues and a lovely culture, but you’ll also find an endless boutique in every corner of the island. These shops offer unique souvenirs such as hand-painted art and even some petite pouches, perfect for your wedding favors as your guests will love them! Bali lets you immerse in the region’s culture, local shops, street markets and shopping malls and you’ll have a great time doing it. In this article, we’ll list the best shopping hubs to look for in your Bali wedding souvenir.

Padi Art Market

The Padi Art Market offers an inspiring experience and a must-visit attraction for all Bali’s visitors. The market caters to a mix of crafts, arts, gifts, home décor and beauty services with a tropical theme and makes perfect souvenirs for anyone lucky enough to be invited to your wedding in Bali.

You’ll find unique locally made products for reasonable prices while shopping in the Padi Art Market. As long as you do a little friendly haggling, you may get these products even cheaper by a small amount. This local market is a bit classier and more elegant compared to the other street markets of Bali. You can find silkscreen canvases, hand-coated pillows and many more. You can even find salons in the shopping and get your hair done with your nails decorated while you’re on your way to look for the perfect wedding souvenirs within the market. The Padi Art Market is open every day from 10am to 5pm.

Kuta Art Market

With various eclectic items such as canvas tote bags to straw hats, the Kuta Art Market is a paradise for true shoppers. It’s located along the boardwalk of Kuta Beach and offers thousands of items to choose from, which come from local vendors. It’s a great way to support the local small business.

The Kuta Art Market consists of six buildings, all divided into individual vendor stalls. You can find a little bit of everything while strolling through these stalls, ones that are suitable as a Bali wedding souvenir. You can find some great deals in this market if you know how to negotiate. The Kuta Art Market is open every day from 8am to 10pm.

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Sukawati Art Market

The Sukawati Art Market located in the heart of Gianyar is the place for bargain hunters. This market is the center for unique accessories, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and almost everything that comes to your mind. The Sukawati Art Market is known for the fact that people can buy a bulk of items at wholesale prices. This makes it perfect if you’re looking for wedding souvenirs, especially if you’re inviting a lot of guests to your Bali wedding. The market attracts tons of visitors every day and offers two floors filled with local crafts.

To receive the biggest discounts offered in this market, you’ll need to bulk up the purchase of their items, so if there’s a particular craft that you like and suitable as a wedding favor, buy-in as many as possible and get the final price significantly cheaper. Besides some wholesome goods, you can also find wood carvings and traditional Balinese crafts made by local vendors. The market is open from 6am to 6pm every day.

Krisna Souvenir Shop

The Krisna Bali Souvenir shop is a famous all-in-one souvenir shop located in Tuban, where you need to check out. The Krisna Bali Souvenir shop caters to thousands of items to choose from that commemorates any visitor’s trip to Bali. Besides the endless choice of souvenirs, the store’s highlights are the simplistic atmosphere. They feature the recording of one of Bali’s star flute musicians, Gus Teja, with his iconic harmonious tunes.

You’ll find tee shirts, tote bags, key chains, small beach towels, and many other exciting gifts from Krisna Bali Souvenir shop. All these items have Bali written over them, making some great Wedding souvenirs your guests will be happy to take home. This souvenir shop is one of the few stores in Bali that’s open 24 hours a day.

Tips for Shopping Your Wedding Souvenirs in Bali

Shopping in Bali is just like shopping in other popular destinations, as the more pleasant you are to work with, the better deals you’re likely to get. Price negotiation is appropriate in Bali and is also expected when you deal with the market owners. We’ve listed the guidelines below in case you’re not familiar with bargaining while shopping in Bali:

  • Remember to smile! – Use your manners when negotiating with a local business owner, and don’t forget to smile.
  • Be reasonable – Before you negotiate, make sure to know how much the item is worth so you won’t offend the owner.
  • Keep in mind that you can’t negotiate in national chain stores – When you’re shopping at a mall or boutique store, the items aren’t usually negotiable as they are ticketed with fixed prices.

The corporate office usually sets these prices and you can’t negotiate them with the cashier.

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