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7 Best Wedding Gifts for Traveling Couples

Traveling couples wedding gifts

If you’re looking to find the best wedding gifts for traveling couples who love to explore, you’ve come to the right place! After attending many weddings, we’ve noticed that more and more couples celebrate their weddings in paradise. This means there’s no better chance of traveling with your friend and celebrating love.

With so many of your besties getting married, you’ll need to ensure that each is truly special and unique. And it doesn’t feel right to write a check to your friends, right? That should be left to their relatives. 

Instead, you can give something that will blow their minds with amazing wedding gifts that are actually useful to them – as they can use them during their honeymoon! Check out our list of the best honeymoon-themed wedding gifts for honeymooners below:

1. Accommodation and Upgrades for Hotels

For an incredible and memorable idea as a honeymoon gift, you can offer a hotel upgrade for your newlyweds. Switching from a standard king room to a luxurious suite for a honeymoon would be an excellent surprise when they arrive at the hotel. If upgrading to a luxury suite seems too far-fetched, you can opt for a smaller room upgrade. This may include an ocean view or a room with a private pool that might not break your bank as much as a bigger upgrade.

Another idea is to upgrade plane tickets for the newlyweds. If you know that your newlyweds are flying a specific airline, you can try upgrading them to first class so they’ll have an excellent time relaxing before their honeymoon starts. This would be the perfect gift for couples flying for long hours to reach their destination.

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2. Mix and Match Swimsuits

What’s better than getting a bride-to-be and her groom some men’s and women’s matching swimsuits that they can rock during their honeymoon? This will especially work for those couples in a destination wedding, like a wedding in Bali, where they’ll likely travel around the beach or resort during their honeymoon. 

Matching swimsuits creates fun and classy pictures for Instagram; you know they’ll love it! Get some with cute matching motives, such as florals or fruity patterns; this will especially work for their honeymoon in paradise. Find ones with ultra-high-quality material that will look great on them. You’ll find great deals online, such as on amazon or eBay

3. Active Activities

While many couples prefer to relax by the pool or beach on a lounge chair, others with adventurous souls may still want to explore the place where they’re relaxing. Adding some can’t-miss activities for them will help your couple remember their chosen destination for the honeymoon. 

For example, there are tons of activities if they’ve chosen a honeymoon in Bali. This includes climbing the majestic Mount Batur to catch the spectacular sunrise. They can also explore the hidden caves, canyons, and waterfalls or go cycling beside the refreshing green rice terraces of Jatiluwih. 

There are endless options for adventurous couples, so take your time to choose a honeymoon gift idea and make it personal for your lovely friends. 

4. Dining Experiences

Next, you should include the most anticipated meals for the trip. Whether it’s an acclaimed steakhouse or a high-end bistro with a view, a voucher for a romantic dinner is always great. idea and will be remembered forever. This is always a great honeymoon gift for any couple, as friends or families will always enjoy having a one-of-a-kind dining experience. 

Are they planning their entire honeymoon itinerary in Bali? Book a table for two at one of the island’s top restaurants. These restaurants offer tasty local and western cuisine and spectacular views beside rice terraces, beaches, or waterfalls. Not to mention, they’ll also get high-quality services with an exceptional tasting menu from experienced chefs. 

5. Spa Treatments

After all the stress of hectic wedding preparation, you can bet that your newlywed friends are looking for something that lets them relax and restore their bodies. You might think that a spa treatment is only suitable for the bride, but it’s a great idea for any couple on a honeymoon. You can find traditional massages to body wraps; honeymooners have endless options.

For example, you can book private open huts in Ubud with spectacular views of the rice fields for couples and choose a wide range of massage treatments. This includes the traditional Balinese massage done by professionals with decades of experience. 

6. Travel Gear for Traveling Couples

As your friends set out on a new adventure for their honeymoon, you should consider getting them some useful tech gadgets, gear, or apparel to help improve their experience. Newlyweds who are equipped with an entirely new arsenal of travel accessories will feel more recharged and excited for a honeymoon and remember how you’ve improved their experience. 

Some travel gear, such as luggage, a camera (disposable cameras that are super trendy nowadays), guidebooks, new headphones, and anything else related to their travel. This also includes sunglasses for warmer or tropical climates or gloves and beanies for colder destinations. 

7. Cozy Gifts and Overlooked Items

For couples who love to be cozy, consider getting matching robes that they can wear during their honeymoon mornings together. You can get them monogrammed so they’ll have a more personalized gift, which works perfectly as their honeymoon gift. 

To add a little humor and make a funny honeymoon gift, you can add some quirky slippers to the mix for an excellent combination. It’s also a perfect gift to take home after an extended honeymoon, so they’ll have something to be cherished and remember. 

Conclusion – Choose the Perfect Wedding Gifts

There are plenty of fun honeymoon gift ideas that are meaningful for the newlywed couple. Once you’ve figured out if you want to give a tangible gift or something they can experience, you can personalize the gifts to make it something they’ll remember forever. A honeymoon isn’t only a trip, making the gift and destination even more special. 

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