Best Venues to Throw an Outdoor Garden Wedding in Bali

best garden wedding venue - photo by Gillian Harrison

Bali wedding venues are best known for their amazing ocean view, cliff and spectacular natural backdrops. However, what if you’re someone who loves something more intimate and whimsical? Does the sound of natural greenery and flowers with particular seating areas in Bali’s beautiful and romantic outdoors seem right for you? If it does, here are…

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Best Venues in Bali for an Indian Wedding Style

bali indian wedding venue

Getting married in a breathtaking place on a paradise island is a goal for many couples. Today, what’s important is not only the dress you’re wearing but how you walk down the aisle; sitting at a magically beautiful venue, surrounded by your loved ones, is just as important. Bali is easily one of many couples’…

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Our Top 4 Venues For a Peaceful Wedding in Amed

wedding in amed

Imagine yourself getting married on Bali’s iconic beaches. Exchanging vows within the shoreline of the paradise of this magical island. If you’re looking for a venue in the tranquil and peaceful part of the island while still experiencing its natural beach view, then look no further than Amed, Bali. This sleepy fishing village is truly…

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5 Romantic Beachfront Wedding Chapels in Bali

beachfront wedding chapels in bali

After he or she said yes to your proposal, congratulations! Then the only thing left to do is the preparation for your big day. And if you’re one of the lucky couples who are planning to celebrate your wedding in Bali, then you’ve come to the right place. You won’t have any trouble finding a…

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Experience a Safari Themed Wedding in Gianyar, Bali

Wedding in Gianyar

Couples around the world have dreamt of getting married in Bali with the backdrop of the breathtaking Indian Ocean, stunning cliffs with crashing waves underneath, or in between the vibrant green rice terrace. There are endless Bali venues that offer these magnificent views to make your wedding day a memory of a lifetime, like the…

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7 Vendors to Consider for Your Wedding in Bali

Wedding Vendors

No bride has ever organized every bit of a wedding by herself, as this will probably earn her the reputation of the most stressed-out bride on the planet! So, what is the secret to a successful wedding? It is the dream team of talented professional wedding vendors behind the show. So, if you want a…

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6 Luxurious Hotels and Venues in Bali for Your Paradise Wedding

Luxurious Hotels and Venues

With views of the Indian Ocean, green rice fields, and the natural scent of a fragrant flower fallen from frangipani, who wouldn’t want to celebrate their wedding in Bali? The most luxurious and beautiful wedding hotels and venues are all about the spectacular views and high-end decorations around with the help of Bali’s experienced wedding…

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Experience an Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Bali’s Waterfalls

Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Everyone knows that Bali is a top holiday destination and one of the best places for a paradise wedding. Many Australians, Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Indians and other couples from all around the globe come to this island to celebrate a wedding moment they will never forget. Bali becomes a top-tier destination for a wedding due…

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Top 5 Luxurious Wedding Venues in Bali

Great and Luxurious Wedding Venues in Bali

If you’ve been dreaming of having a wedding on a paradise island with luxurious wedding venues set amidst jaw-dropping cliff tops to the beachfront or on the green hills, you don’t need to look anywhere else beyond Bali. It’s the place where romance is celebrated at its best and will leave an everlasting memory for…

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Top 5 Places for a Beachside Wedding in Bali

Beach wedding in Bali

Bali is one of the best and romantic places in the world when it comes to destination weddings. With breathtaking beaches, endless views of the white sands and vibrant tropical gardens, to top it off, Bali has the best sunset views in the world and exquisite crystal clear waters. Bali’s landscapes can become the perfect…

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