How To Choose the Best Engagement Dress?

choose best engagement dress

An engagement dress is what you’ll be wearing on one of the most important days of your life. Whether you’re ending the night with a party or celebrating something a little more low-key, getting the best dress for this occasion is essential.  As your post-engagement wedding time comes near, we’ve prepared everything you need to…

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Traditional vs Modern Wedding Dress – Which Type is for You?

traditional vs modern wedding dress - photo by Leeloo Thefirst

Can’t decide on choosing the right wedding dress for you? We know the feeling of being torn apart on which wedding dress to buy. It’s totally normal. And something else that’s normal is how you’re starting to feel like the bride you thought you’d never become. You know, the one that’s obsessed with fabrics and…

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8 Iconic Wedding Dresses for the Classic Bride

wedding dress classy - photo by freepic.diller

You’ve probably seen them in black and white photos, old school magazines, and on TV – they’re the most iconic wedding dresses ever. From A-list Hollywood stars to international royals and even pop culture icons, these brides looked fabulous when saying their ‘I do’s” with the world witnessing their beauty.  Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses Inspired…

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How to Protect Your Wedding Dress during the Rainy Season

wedding dress during rainy season - photo by Marina Abrosimova

While many of us despise the rain on certain occasions, rain symbolizes rebirth, clarity and cleansing. And as refreshing as it sounds, we don’t want you to get your wedding dress all soggy more than cleansed due to the rain! If you’re getting married in a place with constant rainfall. Or on a paradise island…

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What to Wear to a Bali Wedding – A Guideline for Guests

dress code for wedding bali - photo by Asad Photo Maldives

Bali’s legendary romance has been seducing celebrities by staging Gatsby-like weddings. Perhaps you’ve received an invitation? Have you selected your attire? What should you wear to a Bali wedding as a guest? Bali is blessed with wedding fever all year round. And being invited to a joyous ceremony offers the honor and opportunity for an…

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5 Traditional Wedding Outfits in Indonesia You Should Know

wedding outfits indonesia traditional

With over 17,000 islands and cultures of various religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism, Indonesia is a land of diverse and rich culture. And because of this diversity, Indonesians embrace different customs, traditions and heritage. Whether it’s art, handicraft, dance and even their traditional wedding outfits. Even though Indonesia’s people have adapted to…

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6 Types of Kebayas for Weddings in Indonesia

kebayas for wedding

Kebaya has become one of Indonesia’s traditional garments that are popular for women. It’s been around since the colonial era and has become the symbol of Indonesia’s beauty. What is Kebaya? Kebaya is a traditional women’s blouse made of silk, cotton or brocade with long sleeves and openings on the front. It’s usually worn during…

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Hijab Wedding Dress Ideas

top hijab wedding dress

There are many things to look for when crafting your fairy tale wedding look, from your hairdo to the shoes you wear and everything in between. However, for all the Muslim brides who wear hijabs, you have another element to take care of.  Muslim men and women must cover and dress modestly once they hit…

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The Most Popular Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Types for All Body Types

long sleeve wedding dress

For most brides-to-be, the top priority is to find their dream wedding dress that doesn’t only look good but feels timeless and elevates their personality. A classic gown that fits a lady’s unique style is the best choice to ensure you’re comfortable in your own skin during the wedding. Something that consistently ticks off the…

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How to Dress for A Beach Wedding?

beach wedding attire

While many couples dream of getting married with the sand underneath their toes, it can be not very clear for guests concerning the appropriate attire. According to traditional dress codes like cocktail-semi formal or formal, the “beach” factor indicates that you can get a little more comfortable, relaxed and casual when you dress for the…

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