Unique Wedding Decorations Ideas for a Boho Wedding

boho wedding decoration

For spiritual brides who aren’t necessarily religious, want to connect to nature, and retain tradition, we have some fantastic decor ideas for your perfect boho wedding!  Boho Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas The beauty of a boho wedding is that there are no rules and is usually budget-friendly. Most bohemian wedding decorations are inspired by nature…

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The Ultimate Chinese Wedding Decorations Checklist

chinese wedding decoration checklist

If you’re looking to go all out for a Chinese-themed wedding, or if you want to add a part of your Chinese heritage to your special day, we’ve listed everything you need about the best Chinese wedding decorations for a wedding in this guide. At any Chinese wedding celebration or banquet, we recommend always including…

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Wedding Without Flowers – Is it Possible?

without wedding flowers - photo by freepic.diller

Wedding bouquets, floral centerpieces, and aisles covered in beautiful petals. Flowers have always been part of weddings for generations and it seems impossible to exclude them from any marriage. However, are flowers really necessary for your wedding? Weddings are much more personal than they were a few decades ago. Wedding celebrations come in many shapes…

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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Decorations

all about wedding decorations

Today, weddings are all about expressing your personal style. And there are many ways to do that, such as personalized vows, unique wedding dresses, and extraordinary venues. However, choosing the right wedding décor will make the most immediate impact. Sugar Taylor, an event designer in D.C., says that decorations manifest your love and express the…

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Indian Wedding Decorations Ideas For A Unique Wedding

Decoration ideas for indian wedding

A dream wedding is something married couples aspire to, especially for the bride. Perhaps you’re already thinking of how your entrance should be, the marvelous stage you’ll walk by, the kinds of flowers hanging in your venue, the songs your guests will dance for and many more thoughts are revolving around the wedding. One crucial…

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Plan the Perfect Tropical Wedding in Bali

Bali tropical wedding

Walking down the aisle and saying “I do” under the tropical summer sun. What could be a better way to celebrate your wedding? Bali is a paradise island that offers spectacular ocean backdrops, epic cliffs and majestic Hindu temples. The island offers everything you want from an exciting summer wedding! If you’re planning to get…

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4 Ideas Decorate a Perfect Wedding

4 Ideas Decorate a Perfect Wedding in Bali

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable events not only to your partner but to all the dearest guests you’ve invited. It’s a huge milestone for you and your partner, so it should represent “you” and feel like the things you both love and adore. The first thing you want to do…

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