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Unique Wedding Decorations Ideas for a Boho Wedding

boho wedding decoration

For spiritual brides who aren’t necessarily religious, want to connect to nature, and retain tradition, we have some fantastic decor ideas for your perfect boho wedding! 

Boho Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

The beauty of a boho wedding is that there are no rules and is usually budget-friendly. Most bohemian wedding decorations are inspired by nature and various cultures like Celtic, Native American, Pagan, Persian, and Wiccan. This theme also has historical roots in the 1960s hippy movement. 

In this article, we’ll show you our favorite examples that will result in a gorgeous, cohesive wedding motif.

When choosing your bohemian wedding decor ideas, you can start with the primary components like the wedding dress, cake, and the venue’s natural features. This ensures that other smaller details will bond with each other.

Boho Arch Ideas

Archways are the symbolic threshold of your special day. Therefore, the arch should capture the bohemian spirit with as many boho features as possible to remain consistent with all the other decor. Choose local flowers that are in season and add other natural and simple features.

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Geometric Floral Arch

These beautiful arches create the most jaw-dropping backdrop when you say, “I do.” Move away from the traditional arch shape and bring something fun and funky to add a gorgeous boho feel to your wedding day. Indeed, this also allows you to style the florals in an entirely different way. 

Macrame Wedding Arches

Macrame is an art from braiding. It’s a kind of braid weaving commonly used to make fine openwork cloth. The braiding uses a lengthy thread and a special needle to produce this long and flat cord. It’s a great piece to add to your boho wedding arches. As long as you want to carry out the required steps or get one from a local Macrame store, the result will surely impress your guests. 

Boho Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding centerpieces are also defining decoration pieces for any wedding. For a boho-themed centerpiece, abstract art vases or candle holders are great ideas. You can use a piece with gold, rose gold, or silver accents, which will work together. Choose any shape you like as the wedding theme will depend on your taste. Finding abstract art shouldn’t be difficult as you can look for it online or at nearby local decor stores. 

Rustic Lanterns

These lanterns are the perfect choice for a boho wedding. You can do a lot of things with them, like placing small lit candles inside them or surrounding them with flowers of your choice. You can look for them online or locally in colors like white, gold, or black. 

Lights in a Bottle

This simple centerpiece is something you can purchase or create at home. Simply just place a string or “fairy lights” within an old clear glass bottle. This will make a romantic and magical centerpiece for a wedding reception. You can also use small ones with small candles. 

Boho Floral Ideas 

What are wedding decorations without flowers? For a boho wedding, we recommend you get free-spirited essence with vintage charm, just like the flowers listed down below: 

Boho Bouquet

Forget about the stylized bouquet for the simple bride. Instead, opt for a wild combo of summer colors with a plethora of shapes and textures, from poppy seed pods and orange protea to vibrant ball trees and exquisite ranunculus. 

If you prefer something a bit more low-key, go for a hand-tied posy with that freshly-picked out from the meadow look. Blooms like poppies, daisies, thistles, and cowslips are the perfect choices. If you’re looking for something a little different, choose white fritillary.

Tipi Trimmings

Other flowers need to move away for Tipis! Tipis and yurts are the best choices for traditional marquees, which brings a glorious festival vibe to your event. Also, the wooden frameworks just work with adorning flowers. 

You can wrap the supporting beams with vines of foliage and your desired blooms, then replicate the look with a branch of silver birch on the head table with flower arrangements. You can use peonies, roses, ranunculus, and dahlias for a stunning result.

Other Boho Decoration Ideas

There are other creative and unique wedding decoration ideas further to elevate the bohemian experience for your special day. Here are additional boho accents that will make a truly memorable wedding day. 

Special Seating for the Ceremony 

Instead of setting up traditional rows of matching plain chairs, you can add a mix of vintage accented or rattan chairs. This will result in a rule-breaking, homespun, and elegant look. For an excellent winter idea, hang blankets over armrests and blankets to keep your guests warm.

Hanging Decor

If you’re not into traditional centerpieces, work with your florist to hang them up. As long as possible for your venue, hang lanterns, flowers, vases, garlands, and more from poles, trees or ceilings. This creates a fantastic wonderland vibe for your reception or dance floor. 

Mobile Bar

Every bohemian wedding should include an amazing bar. A specific bar that would turn all heads would be a horse trailer or camper trailer turned into a bar, which works perfectly for a cocktail hour and reception. Then, decorate the trailers’ exterior with florals similar to the ones we’ve mentioned before and create signage that features specialty cocktails. 

Get a Lounge

If you’re celebrating your wedding in the hot summer, get lounge areas for your happy hour reception with sheltered bohemian couches. Mix it with fabric hairs and marble side tables all over a layered rug. It’s a hippie chic look that is easier to achieve than imagined. 

Rework Your Guest Book

If the classic guestbook doesn’t seem your type, choose one you’d really want people to sign and you know they’ll cherish. Some boho wedding ideas include things like guitars, driftwood, and banjos. 

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