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Indian Wedding Decorations Ideas For A Unique Wedding

Decoration ideas for indian wedding

A dream wedding is something married couples aspire to, especially for the bride. Perhaps you’re already thinking of how your entrance should be, the marvelous stage you’ll walk by, the kinds of flowers hanging in your venue, the songs your guests will dance for and many more thoughts are revolving around the wedding.

One crucial aspect of your wedding is indeed the decorations. A decoration sets the theme of a wedding and may even be correlated to the food you’ll be serving, the music played, and the dress you’re wearing. So, what decoration do you have in mind? You might want to have a unique decoration for Indian wedding venue that’s full of shimmering, flowering, dazzling and eye-popping décor that” leave your guests amazed as if they’ve entered a colorful haven.

8 Indian Decorations for Your Wedding

Indian wedding decorations ideas

If you’re still imagining your dream wedding, why not try out some simple Indian-style wedding? Let’s look at the best and creative Indian wedding decoration ideas you can use for your wedding ceremony.

1. Feel Full Hanging Kites

Flowers always look good for events, which is why they’re universally used for weddings. However, besides flowers, Indians also use kite hangings as a layer of decoration. These kites vary in colors and sizes and are very common as wedding decorations. It’s one of the best decoration choices for a low-budget wedding.

2. Colorful Tassels

Suppose you want to embrace the Haldi ceremony decorations. Go for the beautiful colorful tassels that hands down your venue. This will offer a photogenic addition to an evening ceremony and is spectacular when matched with twinkling lights.

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3. Flower Garlands

Flower garlant for indian wedding decorations

Weddings generally last up to a week in Indian families. And these flowers play an essential role in every wedding ceremony. During the last day of the wedding, these flower garlands are scattered at the wedding’s entrance. Then, when the groom enters with the Baraat song, he and his groomsmen get blown away by the bouquet of flowers. Of course, you can also use them however you want them to.

4. Unused Sarees

The sarees are beautiful garments worn traditionally in India. It can be in the form of an heirloom passed down by the family’s ancestors or simply a functional garment for everyday wear. In an Indian wedding, these traditional garments are also used as wedding décor. Hanging them across the venue will present a colorful accent to your wedding. Your guests will be amazed and find them unique.

5. Gota Patti Decors

A gota patti is a kind of embroidery that uses applique techniques that originate from India. These laces, if used creatively, can become attractive decorations. If there are trees in your chosen venue, you can hang them wherever you think is suitable. Gota pattis are usually gold or silver in color, which are great as hanging decorations on trees.

6. Glowing Lanterns

Glowing lanterns for indian wedding decor ideas

Instead of leaving your lanterns at home, you can use them at your wedding. It’s a great way to illuminate the venue. Spread them throughout the venue in a glass box that lights them up. When evening comes, they’ll undoubtedly change the wedding’s atmosphere. Lanterns are also one of the best and simplest Indian wedding decors, where the lanterns are placed in small jars and put here and there throughout the wedding venue.

7. Beneath the Umbrella’s Shadow

Add colorful umbrellas hanging as decors like the traditional Mehndi ceremony in India. Hang rows of bright-colored umbrellas which cover a particular space. Try finding a designer one especially from the Rajasthani. Whether you want to place these umbrellas in the entrance or in the balcony of the venue where you’ll have the outdoor party, it’ll make a vibrant addition to your wedding.

8. Serene Balloons and Comfy Seats

Whether you’re looking to play Antrakshari or just playing banter and chill with your bridesmaids, it is a great and traditional seating idea that comes with a few balloons around it. You can have it in any color and at any height. It’s a great addition to your wedding décor and something your guests will notice at first glance. Just make sure you have enough space for it.

Why Indian Weddings Are So Interesting?

An Indian wedding is probably something you would expect from a Bollywood movie. It has all the singing and dancing and includes all the colors you can think of and the celebration goes on forever.

Attending an Indian wedding is like exploring a fraction of the country as you’ll find their traditional food to the attire and rituals. These rituals include applying turmeric on the bride’s face and many more. As for their wedding dishes, Indians love to eat and prepare their signature food that’s full of flavors. Also, if you came from a Western country and are used to seeing white colors only at weddings, an Indian wedding will be a visual treat with their venues and clothes full of colors you don’t even know the name of.

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