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Plan the Best Indian Hindu Wedding in Bali

indian hindu wedding

They don’t call Bali the ‘Island of Gods’ for nothing. An Indian wedding isn’t only the fairy tale wedding of your dreams, but it also connects it with the essence of spirituality. Indians have come to Bali to celebrate their weddings as the island ties all serenity elements, nature, and spirituality altogether.

Bali has an inexplicable enchanting beauty with unique culture and sacredness. It’s an island filled with emerald rice fields, crystal clear sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, and world-class villas and resorts.

Indian Destination Wedding Might be the Next Trend

Indian destination wedding cost

A wedding is a special event in anyone’s life, where two people make a promise to spend the rest of their lives together. Everyone wants it to be the most memorable and perfect occasion. Bali, with its breathtaking beaches and Indian ocean as its backdrop and epic sunsets attracts lovebirds from all around the world who wish to tie the knot on the island.

Bali is where the majority of Indonesia’s Hindu population is found. Thus, India is considered the source of Hinduism. This similarity of religion connects Indians or anyone wishing to have an Indian themed wedding to choose Bali for their destination wedding. Even though Bali is known for its ostentatious attractions, the people prioritize their religion and culture.

Cost of Indian Wedding in Bali

How much does an indian wedding cost

Indian culture is rich and its weddings are known for its grandeur. Anyone who wishes to have an Indian destination wedding in Bali is promised to receive the full traditional customs and divinity. From setting up ‘Mandapa’ to ‘Bidai,’ You’ll be getting everything from Indian weddings in Bali.

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The basic cost of an Indian wedding in Bali may be around USD 210 to USD 350 for approximately 100 guests. Of course, this may depend on the location, the number of guests, venue choice, and other details. Check with your chosen wedding planner for the cost breakup.

Here are the Things that Will Help You Plan Your Wedding in Bali

Plan your indian wedding in bali

First of all, it is crucial that you finalized your wedding planner. Bali has tons of professional wedding planners to choose from that offer the most affordable and best wedding packages with a wide variety of themes. Make sure that you look for the best Indian wedding planners and prepare your wedding best on our list below:

1. Your Guest Lists

Destination weddings require you to dedicate even more time than an average wedding. If you have a normal wedding in your own country, your guests can come and stay for a few hours to witness your special day.

In destination weddings, that’s not usually the case. Your guests will have to stay for at least 3-4 days with the celebrations lasting longer than usual. Plan your guest list to make sure your loved ones and closest friends can also make out of their busy daily lives and book plane tickets well ahead.

2. Pick a Location

After you have a clear image of how you want your wedding to look like, then it’s time to pick the best location.

Bali has unlimited options from Seminyak, and Jimbaran to Kuta or the black sand beaches to the North of the island if you prioritize the beaches. For classy resorts and villas, Nusa Dua will spoil you with options, and for the green rice terraces, look no further than Jatiluwih or Tegallalang. It all depends on your interest and budget, as Indian weddings in Bali will require the perfect location. However, we guarantee that whatever location you pick in Bali will promise the most memorable time of your life.

3. Plan the Menu

If you’re going all out on your Indian wedding, then make sure to complete it with some top-notch Indian cuisine! Deciding your wedding menu is an essential part of your wedding and probably where most of your budget will be spent.

From Lassi to Gulab Jamun, Bali has no shortage of Indian menu that will make your guest’s palettes happy. Vegetarian food is also available for your vegetarian guests. Note that alcohol is heavily taxed in Bali, so considering another beverage option might save you much money.

4. Documentation

Everyone wants to capture their special day and make them last a lifetime within life’s memory book. Choose a photographer & videographer who can enhance your moment through the pictures and videos they take.

Note that every photographer/videographer offers different services and prices. For example, one may be available throughout the whole event, while the other is only available for a maximum of four hours. One might give raw photos of your Indian wedding while the other gives you fully edited pictures in one album. If you already have a photographer from your country, remember to book them in advance and consider their travel and stay.

5. Check the Details

After you’ve covered all the steps, check back on the details as it may be the major key to your wedding and is usually what your guests will notice first. This includes the right decoration, color themes, a Pandit and Varmalas. It’s a critical task to keep in mind.

When you’ve ticked everything you need, recheck your list as you may have missed out on something at first glance, or you might want to remove unnecessary parts to reduce cost.

6. Indian Wedding Cake Style

Wedding cakes are important for any wedding, and it’s no different for an Indian wedding. You may want a simpler wedding cake, while others like them to be big and full of colors that will grab all your guests’ attention. Read everything you need to know about choosing the right cake for your Indian wedding here.

7. Indian Wedding Invitation

Weddings can be costly, especially if you’re booking a high-end venue, the best catering, and choosing your dream wedding dress. This is why looking for alternatives to help you set additional costs is important. One way to do this is by creating your own invites using DIY options and card-maker tools. Let’s look at the steps in this article

8. Best Venues for an Indian-Style Wedding in Bali

Bali’s magnificent hotels are known to offer some of the best wedding experiences on the planet. These venues provide the island’s breathtaking sceneries of the oceans, mountains, and beaches. Whether you’re looking for a grand Indian wedding celebration or a more intimate wedding day with only your loved one, Bali has everything for you. 

9. Indian Decoration Ideas

Decorations are an important aspect of your wedding as it sets the theme of your special day. Indian wedding decors are unique and full of colors. Learn more about these decoration ideas and why you should implement them in your wedding ceremony. 

Bali has been ranked as the best place for a destination wedding in recent years. Whether you’re an Indian looking for a wedding based on your religion and culture abroad or if you are a foreigner who wishes to celebrate your special day Indian style on a paradise island, then you can’t go wrong by having it in Bali. Remember to put some Bollywood songs at the afterparty to dance it off!

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