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Choosing a Wedding Cake for an Indian Wedding

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Choosing the right wedding cake is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding process. Some couples prefer to have a cake, while others prefer a grander cake that gets all the wows and aahs. If you decide on a cake, you may need to decide on a few things in order to get the cake you want especially for an Indian wedding. 

Choosing a Bakery and Cake Design 

Picking a bakery can be significantly easier than choosing a decorator or a Bali DJ. Venues and hotels usually have bakeries that they trust and recommend. Choosing these bakeries can be a better option as the bakery already knows the venue and the logistics for the day will be easier.

For the cake design, you can start by looking at every bride’s favorite site, Pinterest! There are so many fantastic cake designs out there, and you can easily find the wedding cake you like. However, the strategy of choosing the cake you like is usually too good to be true. You can consider other factors before you finalize your design. As Indian weddings are full of vibrant colors, you can request a cake with traditional colors for Indian weddings, which include red, gold, orange, mint green and white.

Try Out the Indian Wedding Cake’s Flavor 

If you’re looking for a 5-tier cake, you could technically get 5 flavors or one for every tier. However, don’t go overboard. We recommend sticking to 2 combinations or 3 at the most. Make sure the combinations are the ones you think your crowd will enjoy. Also, remember the types of desserts you’ll be getting if you have desserts. 

You don’t want only to have chocolate desserts because it’s your favorite flavor; you’d want various options so your guests can pick their favorite flavor. Obviously, you’ll also need to test the cake! Don’t assume that the combinations you’ve chosen will taste good just because of the cake and icing. 

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We recommend having a cinnamon wedding cake to take your guests on a mouthwatering journey. The bold Indian flavor of cinnamon-infused butter creams and icing in your cake will steal the show at your Indian wedding. 

Cake testing is a lot of fun! It’s one of the few stressless activities during the wedding planning process. If you want to do the cake testing by yourself (and in your own privacy so you can comment freely), ask your bakery if your bakery can pick up the cake for you. Enjoy your cake testing and turn it into a date night! We recommend doing it at the start of your wedding planning as it’s a great way to celebrate your engagement and begin your life together. 

Choose the Ideal Cake Size 

If you are planning an Indian wedding, let’s assume you’ll have plenty of dessert and other Indian pastries. Your bakery will tell you to allocate a slice of cake per person, and one slice can be a huge portion of the cake (think of a restaurant-sized piece). So, counting one big portion of the cake per guest doesn’t make sense here. 

You need to think about your guests as well. All of them. Assume that some of them won’t eat the cake. So whatever size your guests are, cut down the count for the cake based on other available desserts you have. 

Remember About the Groom’s Cake 

The groom’s cake is an enjoyable way to recognize his tastes and interests. You can have the groom’s cake presented beside your Indian wedding cake or his cake as part of another wedding event. 

Think about your husband-to-be’s interests and hobbies. What’s something that he can’t leave without? (Besides you, of course) you could recognize his love for motorbikes, sports, his alma mater or anything else! After brainstorming his ideas, you can do a quick image search on google. Save these images on your phone, show them to your bakery, and see how they can recreate a unique idea. 

Save Cake (and Money) 

If you have 300 guests and a 5-tier cake, your bakery will offer additional sheet cakes (as the 5-tier cake alone won’t be enough for everyone). If you’re interested in a groom’s cake, try asking your bakery to turn one of the sheet cakes into the groom’s cake. Get them to do it for free or they may charge an additional nominal fee for decoration. 

If you’ve booked a venue with an over-the-top dessert bar, you might not need a grand cake, especially if it will end up with the venue’s desserts. This might be the best way to do it, especially if you want to save money. By keeping your design simple, it will cost less. Consider other desserts before you make a decision. Now, consider other things you should consider when buying a cake for your Indian wedding. 

When Should You Order a Cake? 

It’s best to order the wedding cake around a month or earlier before your wedding. You can usually finalize the overall design, flavor and other final tweaks up to 2 weeks before your big day. But this is an easy item you can cross off your long wedding preparation list if you decide to do it early on. 

Delivering the Cake 

The bakery usually coordinates with the venue about cake delivery. When delivering the cake, make sure that there’s room for it. Get the venue to set up the table for the cake in advance. Don’t move the cake around too much as it may risk ruining the design and even the cake’s overall structure. The last thing you want is for your cake to have a breakdown on your wedding day. 

After the Wedding 

The cake’s top tier is for you to keep (make sure to choose the flavors you and your partner like). You might thank yourself for saving the top tier of the cake later on your first anniversary. 

Even after you’ve picked your cake, freezer burn might be inevitable. Try checking it a little earlier, like one month after your wedding. 

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