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Food-Themed Pre-Wedding Shoots for Foodie Couples

prewedding for foodie couples

So, you’re a foodie couple, and you want your pre-wedding photoshoot to reflect your passion for all things delicious? Well, you’re in for a treat! Here’s how to plan the perfect foodie pre-wedding shoot without any stress.

Planning the Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot 

Before we go into the details, here’s how to plan the perfect foodie pre-wedding shoot without any stress.

Choose the Location 

First things first, pick a location that sets the right mood. Think about your favorite restaurants, cute cafes, or even your own kitchen if you want that intimate vibe. You could also hit up a bustling farmers market for some fresh and vibrant scenes. It’s all about what feels right for you.

Prepare the Food and Props 

Next up, think about the dishes you want to showcase. You can go all out with signature dishes from your favorite restaurants or whip up some homemade specialties. Don’t forget to make those dishes look as Instagram-worthy as possible! Think about presentation, colorful tableware, and personal touches.

Capture the Moments 

It’s not just about the food; it’s about you two enjoying it together. Choose a photographer who understands the art of food photography. You want candid moments of you both savoring those bites and those classic posed shots that highlight your love and the dishes.

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Food and Prop Preparations  

Let’s dive into what matters most in this pre-wedding theme (besides you as a couple): food and props! Here’s how to get everything mouthwateringly perfect.

Start with your favorite dishes or cuisines. If you have a go-to restaurant, see if they can whip up their signature dishes for your shoot. Homemade favorites are always a hit, too, and they add that personal touch. Remember, the dishes should not only taste amazing but look stunning. Think about how they’ll be plated and garnished. 

For the presentation, plating is everything! Make those dishes look as Instagram-worthy as possible. Use colorful plates, and stylish cutlery, and don’t forget about the background. A beautiful tablecloth or some rustic wood can really set the scene. If you’re at home, tidy up your kitchen and dining area to make it photo-ready. Add some personal touches, like monograms or special decorations, to make it unique to you. 

Besides that, props can add that extra oomph to your food-themed shoot. Consider some chalkboard menus with your names and special dishes listed. You can also bring in food trucks or carts if that fits your theme. Freshly picked produce can add a touch of rustic charm, too. It’s all about adding character to your shoot without overshadowing the star of the show – the food!

Capture the Moments of a Foodie Pre-wedding Shoot 

Let’s chat about capturing those drool-worthy moments in your foodie pre-wedding shoot. It’s all about making those memories last a lifetime while having a blast! 

First things first, pick a photographer who gets the whole food photography game. You want someone who understands how to make food look as good in photos as it does on your plate. Check out their portfolio and make sure their style aligns with your idea. 

While the food is the star, don’t forget about you two! Candid shots of you sharing a laugh while munching on that delicious burger or clinking glasses over a fancy dinner – those are the moments that really shine. Your photographer should be on the lookout for these natural, heartfelt interactions. 

Don’t be shy about diving into the food! Take bites, feed each other, or playfully share a spaghetti strand like you’re in Lady and the Tramp. These playful moments can capture the joy of sharing a meal together.

Wardrobe and Styling 

When it comes to what to wear, think about how your outfits can complement the foodie theme. If you’re doing a kitchen-inspired shoot, consider chef hats and aprons. For a more casual vibe, go for comfy attire that you’d wear while cooking together. And if it’s a fancy restaurant scene, dress to the nines in your best formal wear. It’s all about setting the right mood. 

Hair and Makeup 

Ladies, your hair and makeup should enhance your natural beauty while fitting the theme. Soft, romantic waves or a sleek updo can work wonders. Makeup should be flattering, not too heavy, so you still look like yourselves. And don’t forget to make sure your lipstick can handle a few kisses and bites! 

Accessories with a Twist 

Why not sprinkle in some food-related accessories? Think about jewelry or props that tie into the foodie theme. Maybe a cute pendant with a tiny fork and knife or earrings shaped like little cupcakes. It adds a fun, personalized touch to your look.

Be Comfortable 

You’ll be posing, smiling, and enjoying all that food, so make sure your outfits are comfortable. Nothing kills the vibe faster than an itchy dress or too-tight suit. You want to feel as relaxed as possible.

Extra Things to Consider 

Once you have all the things we’ve mentioned, take it a step further to really add the extra flavor to your pre-wedding shoot!

Extra Props 

If you want to take your foodie shoot up a notch, add some extra props like chalkboard menus with your names and your favorite dishes listed can be a cute touch. You can also bring food trucks or carts for an authentic street-food vibe. Freshly picked produce like vibrant veggies or juicy fruits can add a rustic, organic feel to your scenes. 

Playful Food Fights 

If you’re up for it, consider some playful food fights. Think about it – you two could have a spaghetti battle or a cupcake frosting war. It’s messy and fun, giving you some hilarious and memorable shots. 

Capture Cooking Together 

For a cozy, intimate vibe, why not capture you both cooking together? Whether you’re whipping up a homemade pizza, baking cookies, or stirring up a pot of something delicious, it’s a sweet way to show your teamwork and love for cooking. 

So there you have it, a laid-back guide to planning the perfect foodie pre-wedding shoot. Remember, it’s all about celebrating your love and your love for food, so have fun with it!

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