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How to Shoot Wedding Food Photography

wedding food photography

Nowadays, wedding photography is a popular niche as it includes every detail related to the special day. Almost every part of the wedding is documented, from the walk down the aisle to the happy couple cutting a towering wedding cake.

Every element of the wedding is crucial, from close-ups of the wedding flowers and details of the bride’s wedding dress to the shoes or sandals. Also, the bridal makeup and the groom’s look, from the ceremony to the delicious wedding cuisine. Everything adds to the flair of the big day.

Why is Wedding Food Photography Important?

As a photographer, you should capture a beautifully composed picture that tells a lot about the story of a particular subject. 

Capturing the cuisine at a wedding is essential as wedding food is equally important on the big day. Couples and their family members and close friends probably have spent days or even months finalizing the entire menu set; this includes the kind of food that will be served and how it will be served. 

Tips for Better Wedding Food Photography

Food photography adds an extra layer to the overall wedding scene, and it’s an excellent way of adding a variety of shots of the guests and the location. It also lets you shoot scenes of how the wedding day celebration is filled with delicious food, which the couple will appreciate. 

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Now, let’s look at the best tricks you should be using when capturing those wedding delights.

Bring the Right Gear 

The first question you may have is the kind of camera you’ll need for wedding photography. And rest assured that any gadget nowadays will be perfectly suitable. 

As you’ll be working with a static subject that can be moved around during the event, you’ll have better control over the lighting. Having complete control and knowledge of your camera’s features and settings is all you need to get the shots you want. 

If you’re shooting with a phone and it allows swapping lenses, invest in a top-quality prime lens. Due to their image quality and high speed, photographers highly sought these lenses, and you won’t need zoom as you’ll have complete control over the action. 

Don’t Forget to Bring a Tripod 

A tripod is one of the most essential and widely used accessories for photographers, regardless of the photography type.

It allows you to steady the camera and better look at the compositions of what you’re trying to capture, reducing the chances of blurry photos. Besides that, they may present additional creative photo ideas. 

Look for Natural Light 

Even the most professional food photographers favor beautiful, natural light over their professional lighting gear. Natural sunlight makes food look amazing as it highlights the dishes’ vibrant colors, making them look more appetizing, and the soft shadows it produces add a three-dimensional effect to the food. 

When shooting indoors, try shooting close to a large window so the sunlight shines on the food from one side. If you’re shooting outdoors, don’t shoot in direct sunlight as it may cast harsh shadows, so look for open shade. Every location will offer the best light at different times, but for most places, early mornings, around an hour after sunlight until an hour before noon, and early afternoon offer the best listing that isn’t too harsh. 

Pay Attention to the Angles

The best angle for food photography may vary for every menu, unlike portrait photography, where there are clear methods for getting the perfect shot every time. Even though straight-on shots of the menus will look great, some food may be better captured from above. But just like portraits, they all have their bad and good sides. 

After properly plating the meal with an established composition, you should try shooting from various perspectives to find the best shot. Common viewpoints you should try include 45 degrees from a standing position, 90 degrees from a bird’s eye view, and table level where the camera is placed directly next to or in front of the meal. This can help you find the most ideal stance, also known as the “hero perspective.” 

Keep Color in Mind 

Color is just as important as lighting in food photography. Indeed, black and white photos are never used in other kinds of photography. After all, would the food still look appealing if it loses its color? 

You can make your food’s color pop in two main ways: neutral tones or contrasting colors. Neutralize the subject’s surroundings with backgrounds and props to draw less attention to them and more to the meal. 

The color contrasts between the subject and the background produce a lively dynamic that stimulates the eye, making a more attractive photo result. The best option is determined by the specifics of each photograph and its intended use. 

Include the Couple or Guests 

In relation to your clients or their guests to feel like they’re part of the visuals you create, getting them in the frame will offer them a point of reference. Anything from the wedding guests scooping up the menu to the cook preparing the meal is worth capturing. 

Your audience will feel more connected to the image when human figures are included, even if only in profile. It’s a standard practice in landscape photography as it adds a layer of depth, motion, and aesthetic appeal.

Edit for Perfection 

The magic doesn’t stop after capturing the photos; you need to edit those raw photos to add the final touch. This also applies to raw JPEG files. These photos will be waiting to be altered in your photo library or your Instagram Stories, where you can share the unfinished content with those interested in your pictures.

You can use paid or open-source photo editing tools to make your pictures stand out and look excellent while remaining true to life. This means adjusting to white balance, contrast brightness, saturation, and other preferences you might need for your photos.

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