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How to Make Your Own Indian Wedding Invitation Using DIY Ways

diy indian wedding invitation

Planning to create your own Indian DIY wedding invites or looking to add that extra wow factor to your invitations? We’ll show you an easy way to make invitation cards for your Indian wedding.

Making Your Own DIY Indian Wedding Invitation

If you like to do things on your own and are a fan of DIY projects, then you’ve come to the right place. It can get costly to plan a wedding. From booking the venue to decorations, catering and picking the right wedding dress. A wedding can go beyond your budget. Why shouldn’t you look for ways to cut down your additional costs?

You could save money by settling for artificial jewelry or by designing your wedding invites. While we’re talking about wedding invites, we’ll be showing you how to make one yourself. You could use any DIY options and card maker tools to create your own wedding invites easily without any visit to the card designer and spending way too much money. So, without further ado, we’ll show you how to do it.

1. Put on a Pretty Ribbon and Make Accents on the Edges

The first step in making your invitation card is using colorful ribbons. We can’t stress enough how pretty ribbons go well with just about anything. Use colorful ribbons that you can place on your wedding invitations. It’s the best way to add that extra touch to the invites. It’s also an excellent way to hold together RSVP cards, Mehndi and Sangeet invite, and even information for travel. 

Besides ribbons, you can also use creative edges on your wedding invites to add a fancy and pretty touch. You can use a stamp cutter or a unique punch with various designs to get that extra touch. You can easily find these online or get one from your nearest craft store and they’re usually available in different designs. 

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2. Use Calligraphy and Add a Splash of Color

Writing is essential in wedding invites and impacts your invitation’s overall presentation. Therefore, you can use calligraphy for your cards, which may be one of the best things you could do for your wedding invites. You can find DIY tutorials online and learn calligraphy a few months or weeks before you start making your wedding invites.

Once done with all the writing, you can recreate your invites with beautiful watercolors. It’s an easy way to make an invitation card! Add that fantastic watercolor wash for an expensive look.

3. Add Some Gold Color and Some Tags and Twine

Gold color and wedding cards definitely work, especially for Indian theme weddings and if your theme will consist of white and gold. You can add a gold touch to your wedding invites to get that glam look to your invites. Gold foil is a great accent that you can use for the edges of your cards and envelopes.

If you’re more into the classy rustic look, you can add some tags and twine to make it look fantastic. The rustic look has recently been very popular such as woven baskets as beautiful home decor and other items becoming rather popular. 

4. Get Some Envelope Liners and Personalized Embossing

Create a more beautiful card using pretty and creative envelope liners, making the cards stand out. The liners can have an illustration or a pretty print, and there are endless options! You can print out different designs you love and stick them on the envelope. This way, when your guests open your wedding invite, they’ll find the inside of the envelope lined with different colors (from the envelope).

Then, you can get some personalized embossers to make the invites look glamorous. You can buy custom ones online as well. It offers an elegant touch to your invitation that will no doubt impress your guests. 

5. Things to Consider before Making Your Indian Wedding Invitation

Ordering Cards Online

If you’re purchasing the cards online, consider the shipping costs, shipping time and taxes. And remember to ask for a sample before ordering. If you’re ordering from an online vendor in India (but you’re not there), find out if they are a reliable vendor. Have you checked their online reviews? And how’s their reputation? You can also ask for recommendations from your family or friends. 

Wording and Editing

What should you write inside the wedding invitation? You can go with a modern and traditional approach. Try looking at wedding invitations your family has received recently or way back in the past. Use them as templates for your own invitations with some slight customization. You can also find wording templates on many online retailers. 

You can ask for help with proofreading. We recommend getting someone else to read it, as it’s like reading your resume. You don’t always see your mistakes when you read them over and over again. Ask your partner, siblings, parents or friends. Having another set of eyes is always good to help you find any typos or errors. 

Remember to Add RSVPs

RSVPs need to be added somewhere. Before you order any invitations and do your wording, you’ll need to determine the type of RSVP you want. To make things easier, stick to online RSVPs. You can find an RSVP site online and find one that works for you.

You can also use the traditional way and pre-postage return envelope with RSVP cards. It’s all up to you, but plan it out with the invites.

Consider the Timeline

So when should you plan out your Indian wedding invitation ideas? Here’s the most reasonable timeline:

  • Save the date: 6 months before the wedding date
  • Wedding invitations: 6-8 weeks before the wedding date
  • RSVP: 4-5 weeks before the wedding date. 


These are some ways to make your own Indian invitation and other things to consider that should be included in the card. You can also find plenty of different ways to create your own invites. Look for DIY tutorials and find the many ways to make the best wedding invites using your creativity and imagination. 
We hope you’ve found our tips helpful and if you’re looking for more tips and tricks for throwing a destination wedding, make sure to visit our website.

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