Best Songs to Play at Your Tropical Wedding in Bali

best tropical wedding songs - photo by Carsten Vollrath

Having a wedding without music would be extremely dreary, from the romantic grand entrance to the dance and fun reception to the dance floor. But if you’re planning a tropical wedding, such as a beach wedding in Bali, finding the perfect music may be a challenge. There are so many options, but they don’t all…

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Best Disney Love Songs to Play on Your Wedding

best disney love songs

At the heart of every Disney film and their timeless animated movies is a love story and offers the most popular love and romance songs ever. These include love songs from the classic animated Disney flicks such as Cinderella and Snow White that offer plenty of excellent options for the first dance. There are also…

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4 Live Wedding Bands in Bali for Fantastic Wedding Entertainment

live wedding bands in bali

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Bali, expect it to come with additional tasks on your checklist that differ from an ordinary wedding. This includes the celebrant, the wedding decorations, the menu you’ll be serving and the entertainment. If you’re considering a live wedding band for your wedding, it can get a little pricey…

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Should You Hire a Wedding DJ or Live Band for Your Wedding?

wedding dj or live band

Imagine watching a climax of a movie without any sound, the music is what drives our emotions and without it, everything seems empty! Music helps us deliver the things we see into our hearts. Your wedding should feel like a movie, and the music you choose should take you and your guests into a magical…

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A Guide for Choosing a Live Wedding Band for Your Special Day

choosing live wedding band

We know that there are a million things to think of when planning your wedding. This includes the venue, the wedding dress, the food and finally the entertainment. Choosing the right band for your wedding can decide whether your reception will be a memorable one where your guests will remember for years or a reception…

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5 Songs to Sparkle Your Wedding Ceremony in Bali

Songs or Music for your Bali wedding

“Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my life. Thank you and good night.” -A. J. McLean Planning a destination wedding in Bali is no easy task, as there are plenty of important decisions to make. This includes picking décor or theme to go for, what to serve at the…

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