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4 Live Wedding Bands in Bali for Fantastic Wedding Entertainment

live wedding bands in bali

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Bali, expect it to come with additional tasks on your checklist that differ from an ordinary wedding. This includes the celebrant, the wedding decorations, the menu you’ll be serving and the entertainment. If you’re considering a live wedding band for your wedding, it can get a little pricey and complicated to take a band from your country to fly with you.

Instead, consider hiring a live wedding band in Bali! Not only does this save you money and stress, but it’s a great way to have music and entertainment from Bali’s culture. This doesn’t mean that the bands only exclusively play in their language, as the Balinese love to play Western songs and mix it with their personal style. Wedding bands in Bali charge much less than they do in the US and UK, but they offer great service. The price range you should be looking at is around US$700 to US$2000. Anything under the price, you’ll risk getting an unprofessional band. While being over US$2000 is just expensive unless it’s the island’s biggest star.

Choose the Perfect Live Wedding Music for Your Special Day 

Deciding the ideal live wedding music you desire for your big day is about choosing the right band that matches your wedding’s theme and style. If you’ve chosen a live band that doesn’t fit your wedding’s themes, they might seem out of place, play the wrong music, and conflict with the atmosphere you’re trying to create. 

Choosing the right wedding band in Bali

Besides style, there are other factors you should consider when choosing the right wedding band, including your budget, their suitability to your venue, how they dress and the music style and genre they perform. Once you’ve determined all the above, it’s time to look at our top picks for the best live wedding band in Bali.

List of The Best Live Wedding Band in Bali


Akustika is a professional band in Bali that catered numerous weddings for locals and foreigners in Bali’s most high-end venues. They specialize in acoustic music to spark some authentic romantic wedding ceremonies and receptions.

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The band starts with 4 members who play the bass, drum, guitar, and male vocals with their band equipment.

The 5-member package includes all the players above with an additional keyboard player for some extra tunes.

Lastly, they come with a female vocal for the 6-member package for some spectacular musical duets.

The four-member package starts from US$800, the five-member costs US$1000 and adding the female vocal costs US$1300.

Their performance duration goes up to 2x 45 minutes (1 and a half hours).

GLO Band

GLO has a high standard of entertainment and has pleased couples and their guests in multiple weddings in Bali. They have an all-around music full band and do acoustic music that can be enjoyed in any event, including your marriage.

The GLO band has a 4-musician package consisting of a bassist, drummer or acoustic drummer, guitarist or keyboardist and one male or female vocalist with a price tag of US$700.

The second package consists of 5 musicians, which include two additional vocalists (female and male), which adds up to US$800.

The 6-musician package is their last package which adds both guitarist and keyboardist to the stage and costs just under US$1000.


This band has an excellent reputation in Bali and the rest of Indonesia and has performed in numerous dinner gatherings and weddings in Bali. They cater to a mixed genre of pop, jazz and ethnic music for a duration of 2x 45 minutes.

Their first package includes the ‘Djampirokustik,’ which consists of 5 musicians, including players of the drum pad, bass, guitar/key, and male and female singers. The songs played are pop, light jazz and ballads. This package cost around US$1100.

Their next package includes the ‘Djampiro Ethnic,’ which includes 10 musicians that include Kendang and 3 gamelan Bali who plays the traditional instruments of rindik, tingkik, ceng-ceng and suling for the ethnic session, which costs around US$1600.

Another package called the ‘Djampiro and String Section’ also consists of 10 musicians with additional 4 violin players. You can opt for 3 violins and a cello player or 3 violins and a saxophone. This package plays the best live light jazz and pop music around with the price tag of US$1750.

Djampiro’s last package, the ‘Djampiro mini orchestra’, has a total of 12 musicians, with up to 6 violin players. This package costs US$2000 and it’s for you who has money to spare for some epic wedding entertainment.


This band specializes in weddings in Bali and combines acoustic, electric and ethnic music genres.

Their package includes a 4 piece band, which comes with 1 male or female vocalist, 1 guitarist or keyboardist, 1 bassist, and 1 drummer or any combination, all for US$1400.

You can also choose their 5 piece band, which includes both guitarist and keyboardist for US$1000 or their full band, with a female and male singer for US$1100.

They also have a Balinese Ethnic themed package which includes 4 gamelan players with the Gangsa, Suling & Cengceng and Kendang that you can get for US$1400.

Lastly, the ‘Universe Band & String’ package consists of their full band formation with additional 4 string players who play the Violin, Quartet Viol and Cello for some classy tunes. This package costs US$1600.

These 4 bands are our top picks that will light up your wedding’s reception or dance floor. Keep in mind that these prices can change in certain conditions and venues. Of course, there are many more pro wedding bands you can find around the island that also deliver great quality entertainment. Feel free to contact them and find out more about how they sound like in previous weddings by arranging a personal meeting.

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