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Guide on Creating a Romantic Wedding Music Video

Wedding music video

There are many things going on during your big day that you don’t want to miss. From the engagement, invitations, reception, ceremony, and vows, you’ll want to preserve those memories as they happened and share them with your children and even grandchildren. A wedding video is a must-have!

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely already hired a wedding videographer but don’t know what to expect. Perhaps you would like to add your own unique elements to your wedding video with your personalized theme and music. Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll bring you a guide on creating an unforgettable and romantic wedding music video

Love Letters for Your Wedding Video 

Love letters wedding music video

Love letters never get old in any relationship. You can pen down your thoughts in your letter about getting married to the love of your life and how it makes you feel. As cheesy as it is, your wedding day is when your loved ones come together to celebrate with you. So what better way to bring it all out with a good old-fashioned love letter? Tell your partner how important they are to you and tell them how being married to them makes you feel.

Find a time to write it on your wedding day. Choose a quiet spot to think, preferably before the guests arrive and start dressing up. Having a moment to collect yourself for one of the most important days of your life helps whether you’re feeling excited for the day ahead or if you’re feeling the jitters before the wedding day. 

Writing a letter to each other can help both of you embrace and enjoy the wedding day better, especially since it’s a celebration of your love for each other. 

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The First Look Video 

First look wedding music video

A “first look” is when the couple sees each other for the first time before the wedding day starts. It should be a private moment for the couple, away from family and friends’ points of view. The first look is a special moment at a wedding in many cultures. It’s even considered taboo if the groom sees the bride in her gown a few days before the wedding. 

It’s an extraordinary feeling to look at your partner all dressed up for the first time. After all, it’s the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. It will evoke strong emotions and let you simmer in the moment that you’ll be getting married to this person in front of you. Some people shed a few tears as they leave such a strong memory that marks the beginning of their new life. 

The location for the “first look” also matters. It doesn’t have to happen in the bride’s room after gatecrashing, like at a Chinese wedding. Instead, choose a nice spot like a balcony or a garden view. This will set the scene for your videographer to capture the moment in the best settings while beautifying the moment. 

Love and Friendship 

Love and friendship 

Dedicate some time with your parents before the wedding day starts. Make sure they are dressed, and let them take a moment with you. Here, videographers usually advise you on what to do, like taking a moment to thank your parents for everything and bringing you up until this point. 

These are precious moments, as it’s the day you’ll marry someone and start a family of your own—kind of like leaving the care and protection you get from home. These parts are essential in bringing out heart-warming emotions in your wedding video. 

You can also spare 10 to 15 minutes with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. These people would spend time on their weekends to be there on your wedding day and are the ones who matter a lot to you. Long and lasting friendship shows the raw and human side of a wedding, which is about coming together to celebrate your special day. Make time, let your videographer do the rest, and capture the moments that will last forever. 

Veiling of the Bride 

Veils were traditionally used to shield the bride so the groom would not see her before the wedding day. The reason is because people believed it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding took place. 

Even though arranged marriages aren’t as common today, veiling the bride still holds much value. The bride’s parents usually do it before the groom comes to pick her up before the big day. It is a sacred process representing your parents’ wishes for your new life with your spouse. 

Remember to allocate some time for this and ensure your parents are dressed for the camera. Videographers usually advise parents to whisper their wishes while veiling you. It’s an emotional moment that brings out the vulnerable sides of each family; your parents will miss you once you’re married and will see you less often. These emotional elements will elevate your wedding video, making it even more meaningful. 

Pick a Song that Resonates with You and Your Guests

Selecting the right soundtrack for a wedding video is a pretty big deal. A good track can elevate an important moment into a superb one, and every wedding is as individual as the happy couple, and there is tons of music to match the vibe. 

Song selections are essential when creating a wedding video, and they also play a major role in the wedding day. So, when setting the tone for your reel, remember to pick something that fits the style and theme of the big day. 

For example, those tearjerker moments will go along perfectly with moving classical music. When you’re taking center stage, an understated indie folk will do. And add party anthems to the celebratory events. 

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