What to Wear for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

what to wear pre-wedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoots are a chance to capture your love story in all its glory before you officially tie the knot. They’re not only about striking a pose; they’re about capturing the essence of your relationship. From the stolen glances to the belly laughs these photos are like little love time capsules. And the cherry on…

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Pre-wedding Photography Ideas for Muslim Couples

pre-wedding photography ideas muslim couples

Muslim weddings are some of the grandest and most vibrant celebrations a photographer can capture. From the bride’s glamorous dress to the ceremonial rituals, there are tons of opportunities to capture in a Muslim pre-wedding.  We believe that Muslim weddings are an authentic representation of Islam’s culture and traditions. They beautifully represent a couple’s love…

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5 Ways to Capture a Magical Wedding Photo

capture magical wedding photo

A few special days in a person’s life are noteworthy. Among these days is the wedding day: a memorable event not only for the couple but also for the people they love. It’s where two people in love with each other unite and commit to a lifetime of laughter, joy, challenges and sickness, and everything…

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Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas Inspired by K-Drama

k-drama pre-wedding photography inspiration

Every girl wants the perfect pre-wedding photography session according to the theme they love. And with the rise of Korean dramas with a bundle of exquisite wedding photos on Instagram, it’s no wonder that every girl wants the best look for a photoshoot.  However, not everyone can spare time and money to fly all the…

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Bali’s Top 8 Beaches for a Pre-Wedding Photography

beaches for pre-wedding

Bali is blessed with numerous beautiful beaches. Whether it’s the alluring dark sandy beaches, rocky and rugged landscape beaches or white-sanded beaches with calm water, there’s every beach you want on this island. Some of them aren’t as easy to access, such as Uluwatu beaches, but some are just as easy as strolling into your…

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How to Look Gorgeous for Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

perfect pre wedding photoshoot idea

Even though you might still be busy on your wedding planning checklist, remember that your pre-wedding shoot also needs proper planning. After all, you wouldn’t want your romantic movie to have loopholes and let any last-minute hassle or on-shoot issues ruin it.   So, we’re here to help you create a checklist that can help you…

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