Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas Inspired by K-Drama

pre-wedding photography k-drama - photo by pixabay

Every girl wants the perfect pre-wedding photography session according to the theme they love. And with the rise of Korean dramas with a bundle of exquisite wedding photos on Instagram, it’s no wonder that every girl wants the best look for a photoshoot.  However, not everyone can spare time and money to fly all the…

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Wedding Photo Booth Ideas You Should Have for Your Special Day

wedding photo booth ideas - photo by Freepik Diller

You’ve spent months planning your wedding, from the food, music, dress and even the lighting – all for one single day! And it’s the day you’ll be marrying your best friend and partying with your hair down with your friends and family. Indeed, you’ll need a wedding photographer who does all the documentation. But have…

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7 Photography Ideas with Bridesmaids to Take on Your Wedding Day

photography bridesmaid - photo by Dewey gallery

There are many photos you need to consider taking during your wedding day. Starting from putting your makeup and dress on, the ceremony with your family and of course with the groom. But what about the beautiful ladies that have helped you throughout the entire wedding process? Indeed, you’ll get some time to take group…

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8 Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Ideas for Millennial Couples

pre-wedding photoshoots millennials - photo by Esther Huynh Bich

The world of weddings and photography has flourished with endless themes and trends. And you might be one of those couples who look at their parents’ wedding pictures and think it’s a little outdated to be doing those cheesy poses and locations. Well, pre-wedding photoshoots don’t always have to take place in the same locations…

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Bali’s Top 8 Beaches for a Pre-Wedding Photography

beaches for pre-wedding

Bali is blessed with numerous beautiful beaches. Whether it’s the alluring dark sandy beaches, rocky and rugged landscape beaches or white-sanded beaches with calm water, there’s every beach you want on this island. Some of them aren’t as easy to access, such as Uluwatu beaches, but some are just as easy as strolling into your…

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How to Look Gorgeous for Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

look perfect pre-wedding photoshoot - photo by Tizino Academy

Even though you might still be busy on your wedding planning checklist, remember that your pre-wedding shoot also needs proper planning. After all, you wouldn’t want your romantic movie to have loopholes and let any last-minute hassle or on-shoot issues ruin it.   So, we’re here to help you create a checklist that can help you…

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How Many Hours of Wedding Photography Do You Need

wedding photography duration

When you’re in the middle of planning a wedding, you’ll come across so many questions you never knew you would ask. These questions include what flowers do you want? And are they in season? What about wedding photography? You’ll likely know the budget of every service, which makes you instantly an expert in events. The…

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How Much Does a Wedding Photography Cost?

wedding photo cost

It takes years of dreaming and months of planning, but once the wedding day arrives, it passes by instantly. This is why wedding photographers are one of the most important services for your special day, as they’ll capture every moment that you can keep for a lifetime. Emily Millay, a wedding and lifestyle photographer with…

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9 Unique Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas for Every Couple

unique pre wedding photography

First of all, congratulations! If you’re reading our blog, then you must be in the middle of planning your special day. A pre-wedding photoshoot is a great addition to your preparation so that your guests can admire it during your reception or on-screen during the wedding dinner. You may also like: All You Need to…

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All You Need to Know About Pre-Wedding Photography

all about pre wedding

The wedding preparation process can get overwhelming at times, as there are so many things to think about and arrange. A pre-wedding photoshoot is usually the first thing you need to prepare. Even though it’s a one-day event, there are many things to take care of before the shoot. Let’s look at a detailed guideline…

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