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Compile Wedding Wishes Into a Surprise Video

Wedding wishes video

Wedding videos offer the chance to preserve precious memories and messages from your loved ones, capturing the highlights from the ceremony and reception to create a personalized digital keepsake of the big day and keep it for decades. 

If you have a friend tying the knot soon, you can create a surprise wedding wishes video! But is it possible to make the video yourself? The short answer is yes and in this article, we’ll be sharing tips and suggestions that you can use to create a unique keepsake for this milestone in a person’s lifetime. Let’s begin! 

Plan a Wedding Wishes Surprise Video 

Plan wedding wishes video 

Capture best wishes from family and friends well before the wedding day for a one-of-a-kind gift for the couple. Gathering a few messages of love before the big day arrives offers people a lot of time to think about what they want to express to the couple. It also helps build excitement leading up to the wedding day and ensures that those who couldn’t make it can still send their congratulations and wishes. 

Once you’ve finished making the video, surprise the couple during the wedding reception by playing it on a big screen or sending it to them after their honeymoon. Whether the video is created by a close friend, fiancee, or parent, the couple will highly appreciate the thoughtful and meaningful gift. 

A Modern Guest Book

Modern guest book

Collect well wishes from loved ones during the big day to create a personalized digital guestbook. You can set up a recording area on a small table close to the reception entrance. Then, provide instructions for guests to introduce themselves and record messages from individual or group guests.

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This lets newlyweds have an official and unique record of the people attending their wedding and lets them enjoy seeing guests dressed to the nines while hearing messages from the people closest to them. 

“Remember When” Video Booth

Recall the best memories

Go back in time and recall the best memories with a video booth that lets guests share their favorite stories of the bride and groom over the years. You can decorate a wall or inside of the booth with pictures of the happy couple from their toddler years or even birth to the present day to stir up some old memories. Put the booth somewhere quiet with signage so people won’t miss it, and include a digital device with a stand, good lighting, and instructions so even elderly guests will get it right! 

After the wedding, the new happy couple will enjoy watching the video compilation while traveling down memory lane together. 

Intro to the Wedding Party

Wedding party intro

Before the wedding, get the bridesmaids and groomsmen to introduce themselves and explain their relationship with the bride and groom and their role throughout the day. They can also add any best wishes or words of wisdom they may have. Make sure to include the ring bearer and the flower girl, as they usually have some adorable responses!

Once you’ve submitted all the video clips, you can also add text to the videos with the person’s name and title. You can also give them quirky names such as the “Bride Babes,” “I do Crew,” or “Groom’s Groups.” 

Include the Little Moments

Get family and friends to help capture important moments like getting ready footage in the morning, the night before the wedding, the ring exchange, the first dance, and the cake cutting. Guests can also capture candid and unique moments from their perspective that the couple and even the photographer may not capture during the celebration, such as the mother of the groom’s reaction to the best man’s speech or the flower girl trying to get a taste of a cupcake. 

Make sure to put a sign on the reception tables with a QR code that links to your wedding gallery and video page so guests can upload their clips easily. Also, don’t forget to include a small note to your guests after the wedding to thank them for uploading clips to your video page and encourage everyone else to celebrate the special day with you. 


Creating wedding videos has been the latest trend, but watching the newlyweds’ expressions while they watch the video is an entirely special moment. There’s nothing better than making the couple even happier on the best day of their life. It’s where joy, nostalgia, and happiness come to strike them together. The couple and the entire venue will appreciate your thoughtful gift, so make the most of it!

Our tips above will make your videos even more special, letting the couple and guests celebrate with emotions and making the wedding even more memorable. 

A wedding video gift is an excellent way to show that you love and care for the newlyweds. The video will overwhelm them and make them stay longer. The best part about videos is that you can either make them from scratch or add a compilation of funny and quirky images and video clips you’ve captured over the years. You can execute the whole thing easily with our tips to help create the perfect wedding gift for the couple. 

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