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Lovely Camping Grounds for a Pre Wedding Shoot in Bali

Camping grounds pre wedding shoot

There is no other place in the world that offers a blend of warmth, nature, and culture besides Bali. It is no wonder many couples have their pre-wedding photoshoot session here. Whether you choose to have a pre-wedding shoot on the beach, in the lush jungle, or among the rice fields, the island offers endless backdrops that will result in breathtaking pre-wedding photos!

In this article, we’ll look at more specific and unique locations in Bali for a pre-wedding photoshoot – the island’s camping grounds offer scenic options that connect you with nature and the great outdoors. Some of these camping locations are nestled on the island’s best mountain views, waterfalls, and beachside nooks, perfect backdrops for your photo shoot. So, let’s start exploring!

Buyan Lake

Buyan lake

This iconic lake at the center of Bali is a favorite spot for tourists during the holiday season. Buyan Lake, located on the border of Buleleng Regency, is quite far from the crowd but is easily accessible by any vehicle. The locals have maintained the location well and provided a special area for recreation or camping. 

The camping location at Lake Buyan offers a stunning view of the crystal clear lake and green hillside surrounding it, making a perfect backdrop for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Visitors can even freely camp on the edge of the lake or in the middle of the forest. The latter option offers a tense experience, but visitors must consult with the local operators first for safety reasons. 

Bukit Asah

Location camp asah hill

For couples looking for a cliffside pre-wedding photoshoot and perhaps spending a night camping at the stunning location, look no further than Bukit Asah (Asah Hill), located in Bali’s East region, Karangasem Regency. 

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The spot is currently getting more popular with tourists, but it is less crowded than the other locations on this list. The name of the location literally translates to “flat hill,” which offers a spacious flat area where visitors can create their camping grounds and witness the natural beauty of the hills.

Visitors who come here will have a great time relaxing and enjoying the scenery during the camping activities. A pre-wedding in Bukit Asah lets you have the natural cliffside and beach view as your backdrop, with a minimal crowd watching you do the shoot. We recommend coming here during sunrise for the best lighting and cool weather. 

Gunung Payung Beach 

Location camp gunung payung

This beach, located in Badung Regency, South Bali, has clean white sand and is surrounded by majestic cliffs that seem to isolate the area into a hidden gem. To reach Gunung Payung Beach, visitors must endure the hundreds of steps leading to the location, while the closest parking spot is on the hill near Gunung Payung Temple. 

Currently, the beach is well managed, and due to it’s not-so-easy access, it remains a beautifully hidden gem away from the crowd, making it an ideal place for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The beach also offers tents for visitors looking for an exhilarating holiday on the island. Make sure to arrive here in the early morning or sunset for the breathtaking red sky and sea as the backdrop of your photos.

Teletubbies Hill, Nusa Penida

Remember those sweet hills where the Teletubbies used to live? Besides Mount Bromo, which has “Bukit Teletubbies,” Nusa Penida in Bali also has hills reminiscent of where Teletubbies live, characters that 90s kids will know and love. When reaching there, you’ll find a green hilly area extending far away, a truly beautiful sight. 

Nusa Penida visitors interested in staying here can open a tent and spend the night chilling on the hill. The endless greens and blue sky make it an excellent spot for a pre-wedding shoot. Whether you’re wearing a dress or something more casual, the Teletubbies Hill will guarantee some picture-perfect photo results. Just make sure to avoid the dry season to catch the most refreshing green hills you’ll ever see. 

Parang Boma, Pecatu 

Located not too far from the famous Uluwatu Temple, Sarang Boma is also perched on the cliffside, offering a thrilling yet beautiful camping experience for anyone seeking it! Due to the location, the cliffside provides a stunning view of the Indian Ocean with waves crashing to the rocks underneath. And it gets better during sunset, which is one of the best places to catch it on the island. 

The view of the sunset atop the cliff is so enchanting that it’s almost unnatural, which is why we recommend coming here during this time for your pre-wedding shoot. This is also why campers love to flock here, as it’s easy to gather wood to light up a campfire while hearing the sound of waves crashing against the cliff’s foot and accompanying them throughout the night. 

Bukit Sari, Songan

Near the most recently active volcano is a popular camping location that offers a breathtaking view of Mount Batur, Mount Bang, and Batur Lake. Bukit Sari is located in the Kintamani area, precisely in Songan Village. The place offers some of the coolest weather on the island, with a hint of mist during early times, which makes a unique yet romantic pre-wedding shoot session for couples!

Getting to Bukit Sari isn’t challenging, as you only need to reach the Songan Village and proceed to Ulun Danu Batur Temple, then pass the road uphill until you find a T-junction, then turn right and follow the road to reach the destination. If you and your partner don’t mind getting up super early, we recommend coming here for sunrise to catch the stunning view with Bali’s iconic mountains as the backdrop for your pre-wedding. 

Those are all the top camping locations in Bali that will also work great for pre-wedding locations! Looking for more tips for weddings in Bali? Make sure to visit our blog page in Bali Wedding.

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