Should You Hire a Videographer for Marriage Proposal?

Videographer for proposal

There’s been a significant increase in the popularity of wedding videos in the past few years. Besides documenting an event, wedding videographers also record the day, which offers couples a visual memento of their special day. This lets you relive their wedding experience over and over and in the years to come.  Couples who want…

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Top 5 Spots for Shooting Pre-Wedding Videos in Bali

bali pre-wedding videos ideas

We’ve captured engagement sessions and weddings throughout Bali in the past few years. We’re always looking for the most unique and best locations for a pre wedding video on the island that reflects the couple.  In this article, we’ll offer the best Bali pre-wedding or engagement locations to which couples continue to flock year after…

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How to Shoot a Perfect Beach Wedding Video

beach wedding videos

What’s more intimate and sensual than a beach wedding? They always express a romantic and somewhat casual vibe, creating a truly intimate ceremony. This is why there are so many beach wedding destinations today. As a wedding videographer, you need to be aware of your surroundings and the things that could affect the recording process…

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8 Ways to Create a Beautiful Pre-Wedding Video in Bali

creating pre wedding video

Bali is one of the most aesthetic islands that offers both beaches and lush forests with tropical vibes that serve the perfect pre-wedding video location. Suppose you don’t want to bring your videographer. In that case, it’s okay, as there are tons of vendors and professional wedding photographers and videographers on the island qualified to…

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Bali Wedding Videographer Cost Guide

bali wedding videographer cost

A wedding videographer is an essential part of a wedding vendor team who will create priceless work that includes the best memories of your wedding day, including visuals, motions and sound that you’ll cherish for the years to come. How much does a wedding videographer cost in Bali? A wedding videographer’s cost may vary widely…

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