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How Long Should Your Wedding Video Be?

Wedding video duration

Videographers are often asked for a documentary edit that lasts an hour or longer. Even though they are happy to offer whatever the couples ask for, we think this is driven by “FOMO”—the fear of missing out on footage—instead of considering the ideal length they should watch

In this article, we’ll cover everything, considering the length of a wedding video, and provide a guide to the often confusing names given to the types of wedding films couples ask for. 

Who is the Video for?

Who is the video for

As a general guide, the more people you expect to see it, and the less close they are to you, the shorter the film should be. 

Only the couple and close relatives will be interested in watching longer films, especially those who can’t attend the wedding. And even if they do watch it again, they’ll only fast-forward to the more “interesting” bits. We think this is a shame, as couples should get films that people want to watch over and over again and will love sharing with others.

Some weddings are short and simple with limited guests. An elopement or micro wedding will clearly only need a highlights film or teaser, which fully covers the ceremony. But if you have a huge number of guests with many different activities or a multicultural wedding with various ceremonies, that would require a longer video and will likely need two shooters to capture everything well.

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Where Will People See Their Wedding Video?

Where will people see their wedding video

If they want to post your wedding video as an Instagram reel or share via WhatsApp, we recommend choosing a shorter but sweet film that will keep people’s attention from beginning to end. This should range between one and five minutes. 

However, if viewers, such as close family members, will view the film on a TV or computer, then we’d recommend a feature film or full video of the ceremony and speeches. 

Different videographers may use a term that can mean completely different things, which can get confusing. So, it’s important to check the length in minutes or a description of what the videographer offers to ensure you’ll be getting the right video. Here are the most common wedding video types and lengths you should know.


Highlights are exactly what they are—the best shots of the day and the most flattering clips of the couple. They’re generally 5 to 6 minutes long and include a full licensed track, either instrumental or vocals. 

Feature Film 

Feature films usually last 20 to 25 minutes and are edited with cinematic shots and techniques that produce a movie-quality video. A good feature film is usually the most expensive wedding film to make, as it requires a lot of editing to ensure the key moments flow and maintain the viewers’ interest. 

Documentary Edit 

The ‘doc edit’ is a traditional wedding film; most videographers describe it as 60 to 90 minutes. It is always in chronological order and includes everything from the vows to the speeches, along with clips from the first dance and cake cutting to the celebrations. 

Raw Footage

This is the untouched footage. The raw footage includes everything, including all the blurred shots, moving around, waiting for the main ceremony, people standing in front of the camera, even the photographers instructing the couple, and many more. 

Full Ceremony 

The videographer should provide the ceremony from multiple angles, including all the audio. Sometimes, additional clips of guests arriving, the bride and groom leaving, and portrait shots of the couple are also included. 

The FOMO Edit

This is raw footage with extra added value, typically lasting 1.5 hours or more. A FOMO edit is all the good footage available from the day, including the entire ceremony and speeches, with the timeline in chronological order. It’s the perfect choice if you feel the FOMO and can’t stand thinking about there being a clip you haven’t seen. 

Videographer was There All Day. Why is the Wedding Video Only 20 Minutes Long?

Time is meaningless when filming a movie or show, as a 60 to 90-minute program will take months or even years and require months of planning, filming, and editing. 

A wedding is an event that lasts over one day. Wedding videographers aim to get as much footage as possible so they’ll have plenty of flexibility and creativity during the editing process. It’s all about giving high-quality films to transport you back to that glorious day. Too many clips can sometimes be a bit uninteresting and lead to confusion when watching.

We think less is more, as a shorter film can have all the gorgeous moments with a clear purpose that flows seamlessly. This way, you’ll be captivated by your own story. 

Have More Questions before Deciding?

Ultimately, you’re the only one who knows your desired video length. Remember that depending on the wedding videographer’s services, you can have multiple wedding video lengths. 

If the big day had amazing speeches that made you shed tears, then a full speech film or a feature film is the right video length for you. Equally, you might want to focus more on the ceremony, prepping up in the early mornings, or the cake cutting and the first dance. 

We hope this article has helped you understand more about the different types of wedding videos and their respectable length. A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and it’s important to preserve the moment for decades to come with the help of a wedding video. 

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