How to Plan a Wedding Beauty Regimen with a Bali Salon

beauty regimen bali salon

Choosing the right wedding dress and makeup can be the least of your worries when planning a wedding. After all, every bride wants to look radiant and picture-perfect on their special day, which will take work and planning; we’re talking months of work and planning! To avoid any last-minute beauty breakdowns, we’ve put together the…

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Fabulous Nail Salons in Bali for Brides

fabulous bali nail salons

Your hands will get more attention during your wedding day than you think. From signing your marriage certificate to the detailed shots of your new wedding ring, your hands will get some serious time in the spotlight. So, what should you do about it as a bride-to-be? Get your nails done by visiting a glam…

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Top 6 Bali Bridal Salons for Facial, Massage, and Mani-Pedi

top bali bridal salons

So, you’ve decided to get married in Bali and you’re super excited. You should be! You’re one of the lucky few who gets to say “I Do” in one of the planet’s top destinations. However, celebrating your special day in paradise doesn’t make the wedding preparation any easier; perhaps it’s even more of a burden!…

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Should You Take a Pre-Bridal Salons Package?

pre bridal salon package

Every bride-to-be wants to look her best on her wedding day. There are a bunch of things that go into the creation of a gorgeous bride and it begins with a line-up of pre-bridal sessions. These sessions are also an excellent way to unwind from the hassle of all the pre-wedding preparations. Let’s take a…

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Do Self Pampering in a Bali Spa Before Your Wedding Day

self pampering before wedding

Are you starting to stress out from all the wedding preparations branching inside your head? We want to remind you to relax, breathe, and unwind from all the preparations. In this article, we’ll present you with the best spa experiences in Bali for the brides-to-be so you can have an excellent Me-Time before your wedding.…

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What to Expect at Your First Bridal Salon Meeting?

first bridal salon meeting

For many brides, one of the most exciting parts about getting married is the wedding dress. Most people don’t even get the chance to try out a fancy wedding dress before their big day. The best place to find a perfect gown is indeed at a bridal salon. To make sure you’re prepared for what…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Perfect Bridal Salon

choosing bridal salon

Preparation for a wedding can leave brides blinded by the thing they are most looking forward to. For example, when she thinks of getting the dress of her dreams so much that she doesn’t spare any thought or anything else, or perhaps if she is more concerned about how the wedding cake will look and…

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Essential Things in A Bridal Salon Package

Bridal Salon Package

You will be the star of your wedding day, which is why you’ll want to look your best. You can go to great lengths to make sure to look our best on the wedding day, such as picking gorgeous outfits and beautiful jewelry, to even hitting the gym, and controlling our diet.  However, it would…

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