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Best Facial Treatments in Bali Salons You Should Take Before Your Wedding

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As your wedding day is approaching, and you’ve likely thought about the pre-wedding facial to get that radiant bridal glow. You’ll be looking at your wedding album for decades to come, so it’s natural that you want to look your best during your big day. If you aren’t familiar with facials, you may be confused about where to start. Even if you have regular facials, you might want to consider the most effective one that gives you that bride looks for walking down the aisle. Here are tips for finding the best facial treatments in Bali salons before your wedding. 

Plan it in Advance (and a Backup Plan if You Haven’t)

Planning well in advance of your wedding is the key. If you haven’t consulted or even met a facialist before, don’t book in unless it’s a week before your wedding date. Get a therapist to look at your skin first; you don’t want to risk reactions like a breakout before special day!

We recommend working backward from your wedding date. You want to get at least three facials booked before your photoshoot or wedding

The first appointment should be prepping the skin and tweaking your home care routine. Your therapist should get to know your skin. Then, you have at least two more appointments to consider more advanced treatments. 

If you’re experiencing breakouts or other skin issues, you need to be thinking four to six months before your wedding date. Then it would be safe to look at treatment packages building up to the wedding day. 

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If you’ve left to the last minute, which many brides do, it’s better to choose safe and simple treatments that won’t overstimulate your skin. 

Look for Facial Wedding Packages

Brides should book wedding facial packages three months in advance. A proper wedding package should have a course of up to six treatments. It should be a bespoke package depending on your goal or skin issues. 

Why do you need three months in advance? Your skin will take time to reach its peak. Also, if you’re planning on doing something like needling, it allows you to find out how your skin responds and how long it will take to heal. This way, you’ll find out your skin’s peak point.

Last-Minute Bridal Beauty Tricks 

There are various skin issues that you might get before the wedding day, such as puffy eyes, sunburn, and many more. Here are some quick troubleshooting tips for last-minute skin issues. 

Spots on Your Wedding Day

If you wake up and find spots emerging on your face, put ice on them. And only poke when it has a white head! If you didn’t get much sleep before the big day, bring out all the ice! Putting ice cubes or ice globes across your skin helps constrict the blood vessels. You’ll get blood flushing when they are tightened and start warming up again. 

You’ll stimulate fresh nutrients in the skin, which is great for de-puffing and re-energizing your face. It’s like a magic wand! 

Mask for Hydrating before Your Special Day

We recommend a mask to help you hydrate the skin or prep the night before or two weeks before the date. We would use something with mild enzymes to smoothen the skin and add something that hydrates it but avoids overly oily products. 

Facial Treatments to Take before Your Wedding Day

Whether you have oily, dried, irritated, acne-prone, or sensitive skin, here are our recommended facial treatments that every bride should consider to achieve that flawless look and glowing skin you desire. Of course, you can contact your chosen beauty salon in Bali first and ask if these treatments are available. 

Deep Pore Cleansing 

This is a great treatment for all skin types. Customized facials consist of custom masks, extractions, and cleansers that reach down to your pores to remove and absorb oil, dirt, and toxins. Using exfoliators also complements the treatment further by removing dead skin cells. 

Oxygen Facial

Like all other organs in your body, your skin wouldn’t survive without oxygen. An oxygen facial consists of products or machines that oxygenate the skin, which promotes a brighter, softer, and more flawless-looking complexion. Due to the gentleness of this facial type, you can have one morning of your wedding without risking any redness or inflammation (as long as you had one before from the same esthetician). 


This is a high-end treatment in the facial world. It’s an advanced exfoliation method using a diamond tip with a vacuum to resurface the skin. Removing the outermost layer of dead skin helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines and hyperpigmentation. It’s the perfect facial before your wedding day. 

Hydrating Facial

If you have dry skin, you should consider the hydrating facial treatment. This includes the use of hydrating cleansers before exfoliation and performing extractions. Then the esthetician will apply a hydrating mask and rich moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated long after you’re finished with the treatment. 

Acne Facial

For those with acne problems from previous breakouts, this treatment is for you. This specifically works to calm the acne and enhance the blemishes appearance by applying products that get rid of dead skin and help manage acne-creating bacteria. The skin will be thoroughly washed and exfoliated with applied extractions before applying an acne treatment mask. 

Chemical Peel 

This treatment gets a bad reputation due to images of Samantha’s burnt-looking face after having this treatment in an episode of Sex I’m the City. Besides the exfoliation, which occurs without exceeding redness, chemical peels are excellent for boosting hydration levels and speeding up cellular turnover. Results and downtime depend on your concerns and amount of layers. Take this treatment several months before if you’re getting married somewhere warm and humid, such as a wedding in Bali, to avoid irritation. 

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