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Getting Tan for Wedding – the Dos and Don’ts

getting tan for wedding

Your wedding day is right around the corner, and you’re looking to get that dewy, sun-kissed glow on your special day. Before rushing into the sun or purchasing self-tanning products, you should know that the only safe tan is the fake tan. So, instead of spending hours under the sun to get that golden glow on your wedding day, we recommend looking for a bronzed look from a spray tan bottle. 

If you need guidance on creating a radiant faux glow, here are our tips for bridal tanning. We’ll cover everything from stopping fake tan from transferring onto your wedding gown to becoming your bronzed best on your special day and the best tan you should look for. 

Start with a Skin Prep

Whether you’re tanning in a salon or at home for your wedding, prepping your skin should be the first thing you do as it’s the foundation for a flawless glow. Jules Von Hep, founder of the tanning brand “Isle of Paradise,” says to shave or wax at least 24 hours prior and ensure the skin is exfoliated with a scrub or acid. Exfoliating gives the skin an even surface, letting the tan fade naturally.

Another last-minute prepping tip is to remove any makeup and deodorant before the application. However, don’t use cleansing oil to remove them as oils act as a barrier to the tan’s penetration. We recommend applying your tan at least an hour after taking a shower so your skin is hydrated. 

Tan in Stages

Make sure every area of your body is perfectly tanned by tanning them in stages. Break up the tanning process by working on an area one at a time. You can start with one arm and work in a fast and circular motion to get an even finish. Repeat this process on the other arm, belly, chest, back and legs.

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Remember Your Hands and Feet

Anyone who has attempted self-tanning should know that the hands and feet are the most challenging places to tan. But your hands are especially important and must be neatly bronzed for those perfect ring pictures on your special day! 

Tanning experts suggest stretching your hand into a claw shape, sweeping the mitt over your hand to your fingers, and spreading them carefully between your fingers for an even finish. 

The feet are another tricky body part to tan. You should only use the leftover tan on your mitt. The best way to apply them is by pointing your toes, sweeping the mitt down and over the top, and gently tapping your toes with the mitt to press color over the top. Finish it by sweeping your foot’s sides, at the back and over your stretched ankle. If you’re still struggling, take an old bronzing brush or a larger foundation brush and dab it onto your tanning mitt to pick up the product and blend it over your stretched hands and feet. 

Don’t Forget about Your Back

This is crucial if you’ll be wearing a beautiful backless wedding dress! If you’re trying to reach your back when tanning, turn the mitt around with the back of your hand from side to side. Then switch it back around and do it over your shoulder and underneath the arm to meet in the middle. 

Do You Need a Spray Tan Trial?

Just like dress fittings, a tan fitting is just as important in building the image of how you want to look on your wedding day. Tan trials are a chance for you to try the treatment and allow you to get a glimpse of the results you can achieve on the wedding day. Booking a few trials can be helpful for trying out different shades of tan and finding the one that complements your complexion and outfit. 

The best time for a tan trial is right before your wedding makeup trial. This way, your makeup artist can color-match your skin tone’s foundation and ensure the eye and lip colors will work with the hues of your tan. 

When Should You Tan before the Wedding?

If you’re looking for a professional spray tan, we suggest booking at least two days before your wedding day. This is because the tan usually needs to settle itself into the skin, with the optimum color being on the second or third day. 

Your tan trials will offer the best indication of when you should have your spray tan before your big day. After the first spray tan, note which day you liked the shade most. Taking a selfie daily can help you determine the look and decide. For example, if you like how you look on day two, book your spray tan a few days before walking down the aisle to let your tan settle first. 

If you’re self-tanning, we recommend giving it at least two days before the wedding to allow for overnight development, followed by a day to get used to the result. 

Stop the Fake Tan from Transferring to Your Wedding Dress

We have great news, as this simply won’t happen! This is because tanning formulas of the modern day include clear spray tans, gradual tanning drops, and invisible tanning waters that you mix in your moisturizer, ensuring that nothing will leave a mark on your wedding gown. Also, it’s probably best not to apply a fresh coat just before you shop for a wedding dress. 

Keep it Natural 

The final word of wisdom we can give you is to remember to stay true to yourself when it comes to tanning for your special day. Our best tip is to ensure the tan offers a healthy and natural glow. 

Say no to any sudden changes on your wedding day, as you want to let your natural features shine instead of drawing attention to a deep tan that your loved ones won’t recognize! 

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