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K-Drama Inspired Natural Makeup for Wedding

k-drama inspired natural makeup for wedding

Due to the growing popularity of all things Korean in pop culture, it can be difficult to remember the exact moment you’ve become a believer. Perhaps you came across the term “double cleansing” and were tempted to try the popular 10-step beauty routine. Or maybe you started by trying out a K-drama, promising yourself you’d watch one or two episodes to see what the hype is all about, but ending fully addicted instead. 

The good news is all those binge sessions on the weekend can be a good resource on the wedding makeup you should choose, as Korean women appear to keep their skin dewy, glowing, and ageless in every scene. 

Get Married in Natural K-Drama Makeup 

A soft, timeless, and romantic makeup look that enhances the bride’s natural beauty is what Korean makeup trends are all about. The makeup is all about elegance and timelessness, emphasizing the bride’s natural beauty. 

The “less is more” trend is the new ideology for modern brides established by the Korean beauty and fashion industry, which has grown popular worldwide due to the rise of K-Pop and K-Drama. Korean Bridal Makeup is about achieving an effortlessly flawless and youthful appearance and heavily emphasizing natural beauty with healthy skin. So it’s all about looking effortlessly gorgeous with healthy skin without the need for excessive products on your face. 

K-Drama-inspired makeup is about showing off your flawless complexion with clear, dewy skin. It’s a makeup style that’s very natural and ageless. This is why Korean Makeup is always a timeless option for any occasion. 

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Korean vs Western Bridal Makeup 

If you compare Korean and Western makeup side-by-side, you’ll notice that Korean makeup has a softer touch compared to Western makeup, which is usually all-out glam. 

Korean wedding makeup focuses on the bride’s natural beauty and usually consists of dewy skin, pink or rosy hue eyelids, and delicate pink lips. K-beauty revolves around looking youthful and ageless. 

On the other hand, the latest makeup trends in the West involve bold eyes complete with thick lashes, bold red lips, and a blinding highlighter. In other words, Western bridal makeup is all about being fearless, bold, and loud. 

Main Features of Korean Bridal Makeup 

Even though we’ve mentioned the main features of what makes Korean bridal makeup special, there are distinct features that define the beauty of this kind of makeup, as listed below. 

Healthy and Glowing Skin

Koreans usually opt for dewy skin for their bridal makeup, which radiates a glowing and healthy look. They also opt for a matte complexion instead of a shiny one. However, remember that dewy doesn’t mean oily. When done right, dewy skin can help with wrinkles and pores and minimize the appearance of lines on the face. Dewy and radiant skin creates a magical effect that results in looking fresh and young. 

Minimalist Base Makeup

Korean wedding makeup prefers a more minimalistic base. They aim to achieve the perfect skin with light to medium-coverage foundations. This conceals imperfections and ensures a more natural finish. 

Straight Brows

The best thing about having straight eyebrows is that they draw attention to your face. It makes your face look smaller; in Korea, having a small and youthful face is considered ideal. This is because it creates a youthful version of yourself.

Puppy Eyeliner

Puppy eyeliner is a basic form of eyeliner that adds a youthful appearance to the eyes. Your eyes will appear larger, brighter, and rounder (and cuter).

Individual False Lashes

False lashes are applied little by little, lash by lash, instead of applying the entire strip at once. This helps elevate the natural lash look. If you have eyelash extensions, you don’t need to worry. 

Tips for Applying Makeup 

Now that you know the main characteristics of Korean wedding makeup, here are the essential techniques you or your makeup artist should use for the best results.

Always Moisturize First 

Exfoliate and hydrate your skin for that glossy complexion. It’s also possible to achieve this by wearing a facial mask or facial mist overnight. If the wedding takes place outside, the number one rule is to put on sunscreen before adding makeup. 

Use a BB Cream or Cushion Compact

A BB cream or cushion compact helps in shortening your makeup routine. The compact doubles as a concealer and foundation, while the BB cream helps the skin to look healthy due to its antioxidants and SPF. However, if you want full coverage for blemishes, go with foundation.

Should You Conceal or Not?

If you have spots or dark spots under your eyes, then it’s a must-have to add a concealer. But if the dark spots aren’t too visible, then only add some extra foundation. 

Choose Long-Lasting or Waterproof Makeup 

If you’re having a wedding in a destination like Bali or other places where it’s hot and humid, it’s essential to keep your makeup intact. Apply a primer at the start of your routine and use waterproof products. Also, you or your makeup artist should bring extra makeup if you need to reapply. 

Less is More

It’s easy to get tempted to go all out due to the most important day of your life; we suggest you hold back but still ensure you’ll stand out as the bride. Add a touch of color to your overall look. It’s simple yet so chic!

Final Thoughts 

Opting for a K-Drama-inspired natural makeup look for your wedding can be a timeless and elegant choice. The influence of Korean beauty trends, popularized by K-dramas and K-pop, has brought forth a makeup philosophy that focuses on enhancing natural beauty rather than masking it. 

Korean bridal makeup, characterized by healthy and glowing skin, a minimalist base, straight brows, puppy eyeliner, and individual false lashes, creates a youthful and ageless appearance. The emphasis on achieving flawless skin with a dewy finish and subtle yet impactful features sets Korean bridal makeup apart from the bold and glam looks often seen in Western bridal makeup. 

So, if you’re seeking a makeup style that exudes elegance, timelessness, and a touch of K-Drama magic, embracing the principles of Korean bridal makeup might be the perfect choice for your wedding day.

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