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Bridal Hair Treatments You Should Get Before Your Wedding Day

bridal hair treatment

Preparing for your wedding day involves a tremendous amount of prep work, and for some brides, the bridal beauty preparations start way before they even think about their bridal hair treatment and makeup. More specifically, as your hair is a crucial part of your entire bridal look, your lock’s health plays an essential role in bringing your beauty to life.

So, to make sure they look their best when walking down the aisle, adopting the proper hair treatment early is important for giving your mane plenty of time to grow and shine before your special day. 

In this article, we’ve listed all the best tips with help from professional hairstylists and trichologists on improving the health, quality, and length of your tresses before you say, “I do.” This includes a wedding treatment to improve hair health and tips on how often you should trim for hair growth. 

Maintain Healthy Hair before the Wedding Day

It takes time to take care of healthy hair. If you want to improve and maintain your shiny locks, it’s best to begin a hair care routine at least six months before your wedding day. So, what does this routine look like? You can start by choosing your shampoo and conditioner wisely, as healthy hair begins at the scalp. Get a quality shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair’s needs that your stylist recommends. 

Also, resist the urge to wash and condition your hair daily, as this will strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, wash it every two to three days, allowing your scalp to replenish its own oils. Besides that, weak or brittle hair is usually due to a lack of vitamins, so make sure you’re eating good stuff that’s rich in vitamins and minerals in the months prior to your big day to improve your hair growth. You can also take supplements for hair and skin health. 

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Now, let’s get to the essentials for growing your hair before the wedding day. Remember that hair only grows around half an inch every month, so don’t expect instant results in just a few days and weeks. 

Schedule the Trims

This may seem counterintuitive, but regular trims are necessary, and cutting your locks can actually help it grow faster. An 8 to 12-week window is excellent for growing out your hair. This also helps trim the ends, which usually experience the most damage and are exposed to breakage due to dryness. Long-haired brides need to trim those ends regularly to prevent breakage. 

In addition, getting regular scalp massages also helps promote healthy hair growth. We suggest giving your scalp a bit of extra TLC before washing your hair, as scalp massages will help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. 

Avoid Too Much Heat Styling and Chemical Process

Every kind of heat styling will damage your hair, even when you’re using heat-protectant products. This also applies to harsh treatments like highlights and bleach. Therefore, minimize using hot tools and limit the use of chemical processes on your hair in the months before your big day. Let your hair rest; the less styling and manipulation it receives, the less your hair needs to be trimmed. 

Let your hair dry naturally, and consider wearing loose styles that don’t pull on your locks. This will reduce its chances of breakage and ensure you’ll have the long, gorgeous hair you want for your special day. 

Use Deep Conditioning Treatments 

A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will help maintain healthy hair, but if you want to keep your scalp and locks hydrated, apply a deep conditioning treatment mask once every one or two weeks. 

All it takes is as little as 10 minutes every session, and some of these treatments can greatly affect your hair’s health, while others may be worn overnight, also known as “hair slugging.” This is an act of applying a hair mask for overnight use, which works for all hair types and textures. 

To effectively “hair slug,” apply deep conditioner through your hair and focus on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. 

The Best Hair Treatments before Your Wedding Day

Wedding hair stylist experts suggest a balance of topical and ingestible treatments for improving your hair’s health before your wedding day. You can start with a good multivitamin about six months before the ceremony. You can also go for overnight treatments such as hair-strengthening serums to strengthen your hair while you sleep. 

Even though you can do plenty of at-home treatments, we suggest asking your stylist to add a deep conditioning treatment to your routine. 

Additional Tips 

If you want long and healthy hair, you’ll need a lot of patience! Growing your hair may take months or years, especially if you love to heat style or bleach it, which may cause excessive damage. However, all it takes for healthy hair is to commit to a hair care routine. 

As your wedding day draws closer, don’t forget to get your last trim a few weeks before your wedding day (this is also the best time for dying your hair if you want to). Remember that mishaps happen, and you’ll need extra time to fix anything in case it goes amiss. Besides that, the color will look more natural during the two-week period. 

By staying committed to your hair care routine and following these tips, you’ll be ready to say “I do” while feeling beautiful and confident with the long, shiny hair that shines during your wedding ceremony and reception. 

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