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For Bridal Salon Owners – How to Attract Brides to Your Salon

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Weddings are an industry that brings in billions of dollars every year. And if you’re a salon owner, you’ll want to make an impact and compete in this industry. You’ll need to offer services that suit every bride, groom, and person at the wedding party. Here are the things that will tempt brides to your bridal salon

Market Your Bridal Salon Effectively

Salons that offer various quality beauty services are on every street and on Google’s first page. How are you going to be noticed over all your competitors? You need to build up your reputation and name. As brides start their planning of every detail of the wedding, they’ll look for all the services they’ll need online and events. They’ll also ask friends for a recommendation.

Online Portfolio

We assume that you have an online presence. If you don’t, then now is the perfect time to start. Your salon should be on a Facebook business page, Pinterest, and Instagram and have its own website. Your salon can be on all of these social media platforms, or even only one or two of them – It’s an excellent place to start! As salons are in the visual field, sharing pictures online is smart. Choose the bridal images you’re most proud of and show them off in different online portfolios.

Attend Wedding Expos

Bridal expos are usually jam-packed with brides-to-be looking for all the options in everything related to weddings. Make sure to rent a booth or chair at these events and have one-sheets and other handy marketing tools as they’ll act as business cards at these expos.


Being around the right people and having their contacts can elevate your business. Giving your business cards to famous local florists, caterers, and photographers can help you spread your salon’s name in the industry. You can also try inviting local journalists and bloggers for a free service and in exchange, they’ll provide a review piece. It’s an excellent way to promote yourself on the internet. 

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Creating a Bridal Package for Your Bridal Salon

Your salon provides many kinds of services, so setting something specifically for bridal clients shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve mentioned before that bridal is a massive business, and the more you’re prepared, the bigger potential you’ll receive to grow in that specific industry.

Make Custom Packages

Offer wedding day packages at different prices that suit different price points. Offer packages for both bigger and smaller groups and consider how many makeup artists and stylists you’ll need for these packages. Check out the competitors in your area, keep realistic expectations and set your prices.

Protect Yourself

Have a contract and schedule for your salon that’s ready for your clients to sign. This will highlight the required services for the bride and her party and also guarantee that you’re not holding the space for a no-show.

Trial Runs

Offer discounted, or free trial runs that let brides experiment with the different looks. This helps clear any doubt if the bride has any and ensures things go smoothly during the wedding day. Thus, you want to ensure that the bride has the perfect wedding day look and the one she had always wanted. 

Your salon may even structure it as a “Girls Day Out” kind of event, which encourages everyone to use your salon! Remember to take pictures and videos of the bride after you’ve completed each look, so you remember the style you’ve and you can add it as part of your portfolio.

Keeping the Bride and Her Guests Happy with Your Salon

The entire party, from the bride to the bridesmaids, along with the bride and groom’s mothers, have all made appointments and trusts your salon to handle their special day.

Your stylists will spend the entire morning doing updos and applying makeup to the bride and the others who have various facial features and hair types. Is there anything else you can do to positively impact this important day?

The bride won’t forget how you treated her, her family and her friends for her entire life. As word of mouth is one of the primary ways to promote a product, starting her day off with positive vibes will only come back with multiple blessings for you. 

And once you’ve met or exceeded their expectations, new and loyal customers may flock to you due to how your salon took care of them during the auspicious event.


Some self-promotion can go a long way, especially in the wedding/beauty industry. And an impressed, beautiful bride praising your salon and its fabulous services can take you further. You need to treat the bride the same way you’d want to be treated during your wedding day. Having a bridal service-ready salon may bring massive bonuses for your business.

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