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Top 6 Bali Bridal Salons for Facial, Massage, and Mani-Pedi

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So, you’ve decided to get married in Bali and you’re super excited. You should be! You’re one of the lucky few who gets to say “I Do” in one of the planet’s top destinations. However, celebrating your special day in paradise doesn’t make the wedding preparation any easier; perhaps it’s even more of a burden! But hey, you shouldn’t be stressed about preparing for a wedding, especially if you have it in Bali. In fact, it’s a good reason to venture around and immerse in the island’s beautiful scenery and try out some of their bridal salons to get trendy and pretty nails, along with cleaning and clearing your skin and removing hair over your body.

So, besides using your face sheet mask stock, you should look for places to get value-for-money beauty salons before your big day in Bali (with experts from all over the world). It’s also a great way to explore the island, especially with your family and bridesmaids! So, for all the brides-to-be, these are the treatments you can get from head-to-toe and be ready for a new you on your wedding day in Bali!

Get Your Nails Done before the Wedding

There’s no point in getting your nails done back home and heading to the airport while dragging all your heavy luggage, risking them growing out or polishing the peels. Here are the top spots in Bali where you can do some gorgeous nail arts with gel manicure (which means your nails will be safe from any chipping and running your wedding day pics!).

Nail Bar Bali

This place is affordable and offers a nice lunch and a sweet coffee spot!

The staff here are trained by Russian nail artists and they really can draw almost anything you come up with on nails of any size. The Nail Bar offers endless options of pretty colors (you’ll probably have a hard time choosing!) and we recommend going for the acrylic extensions that can last over three weeks. These gels also resist trips to the beach and dip in the pool.

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Maria Curau

This place is excellent for traveling on special occasions with your loved ones. Maria Curau provides signature treatments for your nails that come with baths, oils, soaks, oil treatments, nail polish, exfoliating and massage. Indeed, your nail deserves all these services!

Maria Curau offers some stunning nail art designs with abstract and simple feels and gipsy vibes with vibrant geometrics (it’s located in Canggu, after all). This is also a kid-friendly spot, so your mini bridesmaid can have their own nail treatments. You’ll also get a cold towel and the kombucha once entering the salon.

Get Some Needed Facials in Bali

Every bride wants to look insanely smooth and have glowing skin when walking down the aisle. Luckily, Bali offers a handful of facial salons to choose from. We’ve a few recommendations and we’ll be happy to share these hidden gems with all the chicks out there, as having pimples on your wedding day is a big no!

Natasha Skin Clinic Center

Once you first visit Natasha Skin Clinic, you’ll already feel and see the long-lasting result of the facial treatment they give.

With the unhealthy lifestyle, most of us city-dwellers face every day, whether it’s from the air pollution or the food we eat, having clear skin makes it even more challenging. This is especially the case if you’re a nomad or always on the go. We recommend the standard facial package they offer, where the dermatologist will give you different treatment options based on your skin type and condition.

The staff will then use machines for treatments like healing touch in their shared rooms. Their facials may be a little painful at times, but it’s all worth it as the extraction removes every dirt on your skin. They also offer their own line of beauty products that you should definitely check out.

Goldust Beauty Lounge

Our next option is something that lets you brush your face with actual gold. Diamonds aren’t the only thing that pleases a girl, as caking your face in real gold is a truly luxurious experience!

There is one signature treatment you can’t miss at the Goldust Beauty Lounge – the 24 – Carat Gold Facial. This treatment will have gold sheets on your face, which lowers collagen depletion and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

If you’re bringing some kids, Goldust also provides some of the best mani-and-Pedi massages in Bali for them.

Eyelashes, Eyebrows and Waxing in Bali

When it comes to a wedding, we ladies are pretty demanding. We want no hair here and more there. We need thicker eyebrows, longer eyelashes and clean and hairless armpits and legs. Here are our picks for the best spots to de-fuzz (or not) in Bali.

Eyebrow Bali

If you’ve got tiny brows, whether it’s due to over-plucking your brows or it’s engraved in your genes, then you have two options: Happily accept them or make them seem on fleek at Eyebrow Bali.

Even if we’ve never tried them out, they still had loads of positive reviews on their services. You’ll receive naturally gorgeous looks, as the therapist fills in your thin eyebrows and offers a flawless look. You can also try out their other treatments like eyeliner and lip embroidery; they’re experts at quickly shaping your arches.

Búlu Waxing Hut

No brides want to leave their legs prickly, especially if you’re planning a casual wedding on Bali’s beach! Indeed, you can rely on your good-old razor blades, but to find the clean and fresh look to rock your wedding dress, we suggest dropping by the Búlu Waxing Hut.

Here, you’ll find plenty of waxing services depending on which part of your body hair you want to erase. Their signature package – “Skinny Dip”, allows for a whole-body waxing that’s perfect for the sexy bikini you’ve packed for your honeymoon and want to drop the hairy animal look!

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