Should You Choose Chinese or Western Food for Your Wedding?

chinese or western food

There are numerous things to prepare for a wedding and what’s most important besides the venue, wedding dress and decorations? That’s right, food! When figuring out your wedding menu, make sure that it’s of good quality, tastes good and fits the budget as well! You can either choose the traditional food for wedding menus or…

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Which One is Better – Buffet Style or Sit Down Dinner?

buffet style vs sit down dinner

After you’ve made all the statements and exchanged your “I dos,” then it’s time to celebrate the new couple with a feast at the reception. You have everything ready from the venue, live DJ, to the wedding bus. However, have you decided on how to serve your food? In this article, we’ll be discussing if…

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Is It Cheaper to do A buffet-Style Wedding?

buffet style wedding

A buffet-style wedding service has been a favorite way to serve guests at weddings. There’s a good reason why a buffet style is a popular service style for weddings; they’re economical and more efficient to cater to all your guests and offer them a variety of dietary preferences all at once. What Is A Buffet-Style…

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7 Vendors to Consider for Your Wedding in Bali

Wedding Vendors

No bride has ever organized every bit of a wedding by herself, as this will probably earn her the reputation of the most stressed-out bride on the planet! So, what is the secret to a successful wedding? It is the dream team of talented professional wedding vendors behind the show. So, if you want a…

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How to Keep Your Bali Wedding Catering Costs Down

Bali Wedding Catering Cost

For some couples, catering might be the main part of their wedding and the finest wines and delicacies are part of their priorities. For others, food comes in second and they would instead focus on the entertainment and decorations. Like other elements in planning a wedding in Bali, your reception will highly depend on your…

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9 Traditional Indonesian Food Ideas for Your Wedding Menu

Traditional Indonesian Food

A wedding menu is an essential part of your wedding list and it requires a lot of planning due to the number of options to consider. Whether you’re looking for plated dinners to buffet-style receptions, and even though you should bring some quality service for your dinner, the food you’re serving may be the most…

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7 Tips to Choose the Best Bali Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu

Planning a wedding can be extremely exciting but stressful at the same time. There are so many things to consider and organize for the day. Keeping everything on the top of your head can be a real challenge. This includes choosing your wedding menu, as it’s probably one of the most challenging decisions to make.…

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