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Craft the Perfect Wedding Dinner with the Best Appetizers

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When planning a wedding, you’ll likely have all the advice from the pro, whether from your family, friends, or wedding planner. However, everyone will agree that the appetizers and other food are important, including the wedding dinner. If you’ve already curated your food list for both you and your spouse-to-be, you’ll likely be ready to share your cuisine with your guest during the big day. 

One of the most fun aspects of planning a wedding is finding ways to ensure your guests have a great time. When thinking about their comfort and enjoyment, you also show how much you care and appreciate them for coming to your wedding. So, what will guests likely remember most? Indeed, they’ll remember your first kiss, magnificent ceremony, and decor. But besides that, they’ll remember the wedding food

In this article, we’ll highlight the best appetizers and entrees your guests will never forget. 

Sun-Dried and Dairy-Free Tomato and Basil Pinwheels

Having a variety of food options is essential as it ensures that you’ll accommodate every guest and their specific diet. Pinwheels are excellent fine foods as they are filled with plenty of delicious ingredients rolled up into one tasty bite. It’s a plant-based recipe that will make the perfect appetizer for your vegetarian or vegan guests. 

You will need vegan cream cheese for the creamy filling for this recipe. Then, add fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic to give it a strong flavor. These may be easier than making finger sandwiches, as you can get up to 10 appetizers in a single roll-up. 

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Muffin Tin Meatloaf

For something more hearty and filling for your guests during cocktail hour, you’ll definitely need to consider these mini pieces of meat. They happen to be conveniently made into a muffin tin, so you’ll have no problem making up to 12 to 24 at a time. 

Ground beef is the base of these meatloaf bites. Even though they’ll include plenty of flavor on their own, you could add some sauce of your choice on top. Then, you can add crunched breadcrumbs with seasoning tins and some sauces, bringing these bites to life. 

Cheesy Stuffed Jalapeños Wrapped with Bacon

Jalapeño poppers are an excellent choice for heating up any celebration, including weddings dinner! They make the perfect appetizers for your guests. 

However, the jalapeños here aren’t the traditional ones in stores with pre-packaged fare. They are stuffed to the core with delicious cheese and delicious bacon.

These jalapeños are also simple to throw together. All you need are jalapeño peppers and cream cheese for that gooey center that explodes once you bite them. To top it off, wrap bacon around it before you cook it for a savory treat. Finally, add a toothpick to offer easy accessibility and place it on a nice tray before offering it to your guests. 

Pear, Pecan Bites, and Baked Brie

Puff pastry is a convenient ingredient due to its flexibility. You can mold it for any recipe and situation, including small treats for your guests. 

Puff pastry treats are rather delightful because they’re light with a delicious cloud-like texture. You can add some baked brie, pecan, and pear; this appetizer will be the highlight of your gathering.

You can prepare this appetizer with some puff pastry. You’ll need to garnish it with a toasted pecan and a sprinkle of balsamic reduction. Then top it with a piece of solid bride cheese and a slice of Bosc pear. 

Short Ribs on Garlic Crostini

Crostini is hard and a bit crunchy. However, it also offers a great appetizer when paired with suitable toppings. This includes some braised short ribs. Also, crostini is entirely filling, so it will keep your guests satisfied until the full course arrives. 

This is a recipe that takes simple ingredients and transforms them into a rustic and elegant appetizer that your guests will love.

Start by searing and seasoning up your ribs in a heavy-bottom pan. While getting it seared up, broil some bread and cover it lightly with olive oil in the oven. After you toast both sides for a few minutes, your crusty crostini should be ready. Rub them with garlic and finish it with the appetizer with braised short ribs at the top. 

Small Potato Skinned Pizzas

One-bite appetizers are excellent at wedding receptions. They are easy to hold, and eating them whole in one bite leaves no mess. 

They are also easy to make, as all you need to make these is to scoop out potatoes with a teaspoon, fill them with tomato sauce, and add cheese on top. Then, get the pizza ready for the oven before cocktail hour and they should be ready ahead of time. 

Baby potatoes are the secret to achieving the perfect potato, pizza sauce, and cheese ratio. Otherwise, you may have too little potato and too much sauce, which can get a little messy. 

Antipasto Skewers – Perfect Appetizers

If you feel like platters are too much work and would rather offer a single-serving snack for your guests, antipasto skewers may be the right bites for your wedding. This snack takes the flavors and ingredients that make a delicious antipasto platter and adds them onto a skewer for a beautiful appetizer. 

The best thing about these skewers is that it uses all store-bought ingredients. Therefore, the most challenging part of it is the assembly. If you wish to add more flavor, drizzle olive oil over it. 

Deviled Eggs with Cajun Avocado

Deviled eggs are the classic appetizers that are usually available at weddings. Despite being a classic, we don’t recommend serving plain deviled eggs to your guests. So, mix some cajun avocado with it. 

Better yet, these specialty deviled eggs will only require a bit of additional work from a classic recipe. Just ensure to add one avocado and some cajun seasoning to the mixture. Once you’re finished, sprinkle some paprika and pieces of cilantro to add more seasoning.

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